Jacksonville Home to Six Playboy Playmates!

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Ok, a bit of a break from MetroJacksonville's normal focus on public affairs and policy, and a little bit of local color about our city. Believe it or not Jville has produced an unusually high number of Playboy Centerfolds. Only Los Angeles and New York have produced more natives who have gone on to be immortalized as a playboy Playmate. Stephen Dare has compiled a list of them! Click after the jump for a list of Jville's representatives!

Jennifer Rovero

Rovero entered and won the 1998 Miss Fiesta Playera pageant in Jacksonville Beach,[3] which gave her the confidence to compete in Hawaiian Tropic swimsuit contests around the country. At the Hawaiian Tropic contest in Las Vegas, she was talking to photographer Arny Freytag. Rovero suggested that the beautiful countryside in Venezuela would be a nice place for a Hawaiian Tropic shoot. She was familiar with the country because her father, Raimundo, was a citizen and lived there. Freytag, besides being a respected swimsuit photographer, had taken over 100 centerfold photos for Playboy since 1975. Freytag suggested that he take pictures of her in Venezuela.


The pictures were taken and forwarded to Playboy. The magazine requested a second test shoot, which was provided. On Independence Day in 1998, Rovero met publisher Hugh Hefner at The Playboy Mansion.[2]

Her centerfold spread was shot in October, 1998 in California and contained 20-pictures. Rovero had no objections to nudity. Her mother, Leslie, was quoted that she raised both her daughters to be open minded about such things. The only real problem came when the photographers asked her to pose with a cat. Rovero has a feline allergy, and within 30 minutes her face was red and puffy, causing the session to be canceled

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