Supervisor of Elections Proposal: One Imeson.

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The future location of the Supervisor of Elections headquarters has managed to become politically charged. MetroJacksonville explores one of several competing proposals for the location that seems to make a lot of sense. Join us after the jump for details and the actual proposal.

Into the fray of competing proposals for the Supervisor of elections comes this proposal to reuse the building at One Imeson for the purpose.

Many people will remember the building as the old call center for AOL, and the proposal is certainly meritorious and deserves serious consideration.  We sat down with the owner of the property, and had a look at the following proposal.  The group is very solid, very industrious and pretty committed to providing a better deal for The City than what it presently has.

First, there is a substantial savings that comes along with the building over the existing lease at the Gateway Mall.

Second is an improved layout that will make it easier to store and deploy the voting machines during elections.  It is all on one floor and will require a heck of a lot less manhours to load in and unload the machines.  

Third is the fact that the landlords have actually improved their property, and unlike the existing space at Gateway Mall, there isn't a roof leak threatening to damage or compromise the election equipment.

Have a look at the proposal and let us know what you think.  The politics are pretty tricky on this one, with Corrine Brown (also a tenant at Gateway) proclaiming that the SOE office is not going to move out of the gateway mall in no uncertain terms.

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Article by Stephen Dare