Art In Public Places Meeting Minutes, February 2012

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In February, the blue ribbon panel responsible for stewarding millions of dollars in public arts funds didnt really get much done at the board meeting. But they did add a few new key members. Check out the details after the jump!

Find January's meeting minutes here:

February's meeting. as already mentioned was really more of a busywork event, with announcements and updates about the membership of the new committee, and how well they various nominations are making their way through the City Council committees responsible for approving them.

The meetings mention the approval of a mystical 'deaccession' committee by the Committee, (which also lists as one of its goals building "an excellent rapport and healthy relationship with the City" --surely an adviseable goal in any endeavor funded by the same).  It was with some difficulty that we were able to get to the bottom of tho term.  "Deaccession" isnt really a kind of word.  Normally it means to sell a piece within a Museum context.

However the Committee seems to be using this term in order to remove some of the new Photographic Collection from public view so as not to expose the prints to too much UV action and public energy.

A committee, therefore is formed.

First up on the chopping block as far as the Public is concerned are the works of Linda Broadfoot and Anna Tomczak.  Ben Thompson, the studio artist presently performing the role of Curator for the Museum of Contemporary Art downtown, assures the committee that the benefits of the program are going to be minor compared to the costs.  Little does anyone realize that the announcement of a committee whose very existence is to remove artwork from the public view is going to unleash a quiet bloodbath and enough repressed hatred to fuel a small nuclear reactor for approximately a hundred years.

Later, people will remember this meeting item as the moment in which things got awfully passive agressive in jacksonville's already inscrutable art community, and that it would fuel venomous back room chatter for the forseeable future.  Many small public sleights and hypocritical smiles were launched in this moment, and the blood still hasnt stopped seeping underneath the doors yet.

Also we are told, the Park in Spark Parking grant seems to be going splendidly, although the Our Town Grant seems to be floating lifelessly in the water.

Finally we are cooly informed that the Southbank Riverwalk is not dead, people.

Because, Construction.  And Hotel Owners.

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