A Chef's List for Dining in Jacksonville

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Stephen Dare has 20 years of experience at Restaurant ownership and cafe development. 30 years of professional experience as a chef. In this article he provides a short and impolitic list of the best food and dining options in the city from a purely food based perspective. Join us after the jump and weigh in!

7.  Blue Boy Sandwich Shop.  
6514 Norwood Ave
(904) 768-9791

Their sandwiches are lowbrow southern works of art. The bread is memorably good and the dining is unlike anything to be found in most US cities. Very authentic food with high personal quality and perfectly priced.

8. Carrabas at Regency.  
904) 726-9000 carrabbas.com
9840 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32225

I seriously do not care that this is a chain. Everything that they do at this location is premium.  Great quality, great food, great prices, premium service. It would be nice if the management style of this place were exported to our historic neighborhoods.

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