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Javier Marin returns to J. Johnson Gallery!

Jacksonville residents have become familiar with Javier Marin's work through his colossal bronze sculpture permanently installed at JIA. The artist's fourteen-foot-tall female head titled Hoy es Hoy ('Today is Today') sits at the entrance of our Airport and serves as a visual metaphor for the international Flight destination. The exciting Mexican sculptor, whose works have been shown all over the world has been featured at the prestigious J. Johnson Gallery and now he returns with new work. Join us after the jump for the details!

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Exhibition of recent works will mark the acclaimed Mexican sculptor’s fourth show at the Jacksonville Beach gallery.
Jacksonville Beach: J. Johnson Gallery opens an exhibition of new sculptures by Javier Marin with a reception on Friday, February 22 from 6-8 p.m. The show will run through April 26.

Marin’s work offers a dynamic blend of classical and contemporary, fusing influences from Western Europe and Asia with traditions from pre-Hispanic MesoAmerican and modern Mexican civilizations. He incorporates personal and artistic history, cultural iconography and religious references into his expressive figurative sculptures.

Seventeen recent works by the Mexican artist will be presented, including a nine-foot-long bronze woman’s head and a ten-foot-long enamel work comprising drawings by the artist, illustrating his intimate grasp of the human form in other media. Also featured are six equestrians, maquettes (models) for a series of colossal sculptures that have been touring through Europe for several years. These newly updated equestrians are a combination of bronze and polyester resin.

Marin has recently closed exhibitions in Rome and Shanghai, however the debut of two bronze series was reserved for the J. Johnson Gallery exhibition- Soupieres (French for “soup tureens”) and tondo wall hangings. Crowned with powerful, elegant figures reminiscent of the Vatican’s Hellenistic sculpture of Laocoon and sons battling a serpent, these new works beautifully exemplify the classical influences evident in Marin’s contemporary sculptures.

In addition to Marin’s exhibitions at J. Johnson Gallery over the past 12 years, Jacksonville residents have become familiar with his work through his colossal bronze sculpture permanently installed at JIA. The artist’s fourteen-foot-tall female head titled Hoy es Hoy (“Today is Today”) sits across from the Courtesy Waiting Lot and serves as a visual metaphor for the international airport, a synthesis of cultures and ideas.

You can also check out some great photos of Marin at an installation of his work in Rome:

Marin’s work inspires passion...

“People identify with my work; it’s accessible,” he says. “The human figure is the most universal thing. At some shows, there are people who come and they just cry and cry.”

Marin was born in Michoacan in 1962.  He was one of ten siblings, (including his very famous brother, a fellow sculptor and contemporary Jorge Marin) Javier Marin studied at the National Autonomous University (UNAM) in Mexico City. He studied and is considered gifted in photography, painting and theater costume design, but he found his true voice in sculpture.

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