Fences Onstage at Stage Aurora!

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Stage Aurora Theatrical Company presents the Award-winning Broadway drama Fences written by August Wilson performing February 1-3 and 8-10 at the Stage Aurora Theatrical Company. Set in the 1950s, it is the sixth in Wilson's ten-part Pittsburgh Cycle. Like all of the Pittsburgh plays, Fences explores the evolving African-American experience and examines race relations, among other themes. The play won the 1987 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the 1987 Tony Award for Best Play.

The focus of Wilson's attention in Fences is Troy, a 53-year-old head of household who struggles with providing for his family and with his obsession with cheating death. The location is never specified but seems to be Pittsburgh as there are several references to some of its notable institutions. Troy was a great baseball player in his younger years, having spent time practicing in prison for an accidental murder he'd committed during a robbery. Because the color barrier had not yet been broken in Major League Baseball, Troy was unable to make good money or to save for the future. He now lives a menial, though respectable life of trash collecting--remarkably crossing the race barrier and becoming a driver instead of just a barrel lifter. He lives with his wife, Rose, his son Cory (who still lives in the house at the play's opening), and Troy's younger brother Gabriel, an ex-soldier whose war injury to his head has caused him noticeable psychological damage. Lyons is Troy's son from a previous marriage, and lives outside the home. Bono is Troy's best friend. Troy had taken Gabriel's money that he'd been entitled to for his injury, and bought the house he currently lives in. A short time before the play's opening, Gabriel has rented a room elsewhere, but still in the neighborhood.

The play begins on payday, with Troy and Bono drinking and talking.
Denzel Washington, James Earl Jones, and Viola Davis won Tony Awards for their performances in the Pulitzer Prize-Winning Drama Fences by August Wilson.

Fences is Directed by Darryl Reuben Hall and will feature Eugene Lindsey as Troy Maxson, Patric Robinson as Bono, Shauntel Robinson, Kaye Kernisant, Dausyn Kernisant, Jewel Johnson, Leroy Gordon, Marc Curtis Little, Michael L. Ward, Joseph Wells, Jr., Jean Hyppolite, and Joiakin Foster.
The Performance Schedule is as Follows:

Friday, Feb. 1 at 7pm
Saturday, Feb. 2 at 6pm
Sunday, Feb. 3 at 3pm
Wednesday, Feb. 6 at 10am
(Schools and Senior Groups Only)
Friday, Feb. 8 at 7pm
Saturday, Feb. 9 at 2pm
Saturday, Feb. 9 at 6pm
Sunday, Feb. 10 at 3pm

"One of the great characters in American drama. One of the richest experiences I have ever had in the theatre. I wasn't just moved. I was transfixed."
- New York Post

Ticket prices are as follows: $12 Advance and Door for Youth (4-17) and Seniors (65+) Must show picture I.D. $15 Advance /$20 Door for Adults and General Public. Tickets may also be purchased at Brothers 2000 ((904) 768-6004 Cash payment and only Adult tickets); online at www.ticketleap.com, or by calling the Stage Aurora Box Office at
(904) 765-7372 or (904) 765-7373.