Against The Odds: Miracle Successes on King Street

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Since 2007, the country and the City of Jacksonville have experienced the worst global economic downturn since the Great Depression. The collapse of markets and real estate values across the United States were echoed in the monstrous slowdowns of long established profit centers here in Jville. However, in the midst of all this doom and gloom, Riverside witnessed a pretty incredible boom in the heart of one of its most historic districts. Led by small businesses and a water change in the public's desire for walkable neighborhoods with local convenient businesses, the King Street has exploded in growth, new prospects, entrepreneurial spirit and public affection. And they did it over the active opposition of neighborhood and historic groups and even job killing legislation from Councilmen Jim Love and Robin Lumb. Despite the mayhem, you can check out all the new action, remodeling, and bright new prospects after the jump!

Forget about how many solid principles of urban design are being used to create a seriously fun, entertaining little district, and watch this very cool area turn into even more something amazing.

Views of King Street primarily between Post and College Streets:

Landscaped Medians with Tree Plantings line King Street between Park and College:

Outdoor Seating is featured throughout the little district, lending itself to street interaction:

At The Loft:

At Pele's

At Kickback's GastroPub

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