Tony Rodrigues Video Moment with CrushedBlack!

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Tony Rodrigues is true Jville in the best of all possible worlds. Quirky, sophisticated, nuanced and laid back. Tony has been collected by some of the most discerning art patrons in the region. Yet he consistently proves his accessibility and underscores Jville bizarre Art/Nightclub connection by showing in spaces traditionally set aside for nightlife. Keagan Anfuso of Crushed Black continues an amazing videographic documentation of Jacksonville's real creative community in the newest update from Tony's show at Rain Dogs. Join us after the jump for some uniquely jville madness!

To say the work of Jacksonville local artist Tony Rodrigues is unique is an understatement, so when Team CRUSHEDBLACK heard Rain Dogs was hosting an event to promote Tony's latest work, we couldn't get there fast enough.

Check out this recap of the event brought to you by and CRUSHEDBLACK VISUAL MEDIA.

Tony Rodrigues
Born: 1968
BFA, The Atlanta College of Art, 1991

Tony Rodrigues’ work mostly involves painting, but also includes drawing, printmaking, photography, collage and multi-media combinations. Tony has woven a rich tapestry of appropriated imagery culled from the chronicles of the 20th century such as vintage textbooks, postcards and snapshots. He repurposes and reshapes these images into scenarios and vignettes that subtly convey feelings ranging form quiet levity to somber introspection. There is often an open-ended quality in the work that offers the viewer some mystery to contemplate. While Rodrigues’ style has evolved over the years, there is a sentiment and awareness throughout his work that remains his own and is easily recognizable to those that are familiar with his art. His confident and adroit use of materials as well as his selection and juxtaposition of imagery lends a timeless quality to his work.

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