Lisa Thomas Joins Metrojacksonville as New Music Editor

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Lisa Thomas is a bit of an icon in Jacksonville's live music scene and has been involved with some of the most exciting and musically progressive clubs and events for more than ten years. In addition to opening Thee Imperial (both in downtown and briefly as the only profitable iteration of the Fuel Location in Five Points) she has been working for several years in Music Promotions and development (including a stint at Warner) We are very proud and excited to have Lisa joining us at MetroJacksonville to provide an insider's knowledge of Music and the Industry to our readers and posters. Join us after a jump for her introductory column.

Greetings to Metro's Readers and Posters!

A few words to introduce myself.

Music -a transitory, brief succession of a few notes. How is it that an indefinite collection of sounds gets permanently intertwined with our life experiences, emotions, memories and our overall thought process?   Growing up I was raised to be hyper-observant, critical and open-minded of my own music and of those around me.  I was taught that whereas there is no true utilitarian value to music, there is a neurological benefit.  This neurological benefit is that music is the strongest emotional connection and incredible force which bonds like-minds and even those minds which differ.  When you break down that a singular fragment of music can touch us to the point of giving us chills is nothing less than mind blowing.  Hence, my life long fascination, understanding and love of music which has proudly brought me to writing this music column for Metro Jacksonville.

My initial exposure to music around the age of four was by way of the jukebox at my father's honky-tonk while my cousins were spitting out Queen covers in his club's basement.  By the age of seven I fell more in-love with the piano than Freddy Mercury or Elvis, so my mother immediately enlisted me under classically trained pianist Mrs. Warwich. I studied under this relentless perfectionist for some time learning everything from Bach to Blues to the Standards. Fast forward to my pre-teens when I submerged myself in all things Motown, Classic Country and Delta Blues. From my formative teenage years onward you could associate me with the usual suspects: Joy Division/New Order, Jesus and Mary Chain, Husker Du, U2, Prince, R.E.M., The Pixies, Radiohead, The Smiths, NMH, Flaming Lips, Weezer, Built To Spill and of course this list grows into the thousands.  During these times I interned at a few popular independent labels; played flyer-girl for a myriad of live music venues alongside cleaning their toilets, vomit, bar-backing (thanks fake ID!) and paying my dues. At some point, I ended up owning and booking two  live music venues in Jacksonville, Florida; working A&R for a major record label over the span of seven years; managing, booking tours and turning PR for a handful of notable bands.    

Currently, I turn PR for and have an artist-management company with Tim Hall of Jaxlive.  Jaxlive books the majority of shows in Northeast Florida. I also work A&R for the ground-breaking Aurora App. Duly, I book tours for a number of known artists and promising newcomers -most recently San Francisco indie-label Bright Antenna's newest signing Flagship.

Love and Good Things,
Lisa Thomas

Lisa's Partial List of Current Projects:

Lisa Suzanne Thomas
PR/Strategic Marketing
1650-302 Margaret Street #195
Jacksonville, Florida 32205

11700 San Jose Boulevard, Suite 21
Jacksonville, Florida  32223
904 292.0007  904.292.0002

5 West Forsyth Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

and of course, now she's with us!:

Executive New Music Editor

and oh yeah, she used to work for these guys: