Eat Drink Jax Talks With Delicomb

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Eat Drink Jax has been talking to the owners and creative forces behind some of the most wonderful and scrumptuous places to eat in the City of Jacksonville. Join us after the jump for an interview with the owners of Delicomb, the quirky honeybee festooned Jax Beach eatery.
1131 3rd St N  Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
(904) 372-4192

Tell us about Delicomb.

Delicomb is a little beachside gourmet sandwich shop and espresso bar. We are all natural and organic, and most of our food is homemade.

What makes Delicomb special?

Most of our offerings are pretty unique.

Where did you get the name Delicomb from?

Delicomb was coined during a brainstorming session in the context that it didn't have to directly make sense, like Piggly Wiggly.

What is the significance of the bee in your logo?

It is a reference to a honeycomb - the bee is smiling and from its plumpness you would think likes to eat.

What sort of food do you serve?

We serve a light breakfast and lunch.

Can you recommend a few items for someone new to Delicomb?

The coffee and espresso drinks are pretty spectacular, definitely the best around. Our Fried 2-Egg sandwich on a homemade biscuit with one of our kimchis is a great way to go. The tempeh or turkey reuben is another crowd pleaser. The Açaí Bowl with Açaí sorbet, granola, fresh fruit & local honey is extremely popular.

What can you recommend to someone looking for something a little different?

Definitely our kimchis. Or for something sweet the Açaí Bowl.

What's the most popular item?

The Açaí Bowl.

Where do your recipes come from?

We make them up, we get recommendations, we compare recipes online. We don't copy anyone.

In addition to meat based dishes you also serve vegetarian and vegan options. Can you tell us a little about them?

The best way to see the wide variety of our vegetarian and vegan options is to peruse our menu. It's not just that we offer ingredients such as tempeh and kimchi, but we put together these vegan and vegetarian options that appeal to meat eaters too. Our Açaí Bowl and Bittersweet Salad are good examples of these.

Your coffee is quite special. Can you tell us about it?

It's super, super premium, fresh, strong, never bitter or overroasted. We use George Howell Coffee out of the Boston area, and recently have been brewing a lot of Strongtree Coffee out of Gainesville. They roast to order and it's all organic.

You feature kimchi, as part of the menu and in take-out jars. Can you explain what kimchi is and how it fits into the menu?

For us at Delicomb, our kimchi is basically Kraut, a fermented condiment. We have created unique varieties of it.

Are you busier at breakfast or lunch?

These days we are always busy.

Do people mostly eat in or do you have a lot of take-outs?

About 50/50.

What's in the future for Delicomb?

We'd like to move into a bigger spot in the neighboorhood, and am seeking an offer we can't refuse.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Thanks for your interest in Delicomb!

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