Eat Drink Jax Talks with Mother Fletchers Food Truck!

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Food Trucks, food trucks, rolling conveyors of goodness and unexpected flavor! Join us as food truck week continues! Today, we have an interview with Dorothy Forkasd, the proprietor of Mother Fletcher's Food Truck. Join us after the jump for details and a surprisingly heartfelt interview.

Talking with Dorothy Forkasdi of Mother Fletcher's Curbside Cuisine

Tell us about Mother Fletcher's Curbside Cuisine.

We're a food truck specializing in filet mignon steak sandwiches and teriyaki wings. Everything is cooked to order on board. We do no pre-cooking.

I hand make most of our sauces and marinades from scratch. For our Mongolian stir fry I'm using home made sauces. Same with the marinade for my wings - everything is based on a formula I've come up with over many years. For my black and blue I make my own blackened seasoning.

For our food we try to get everything we can locally.

What's the theme to the type of food you carry?

I'd describe it as a fusion of American and Asian influences. But I also do different specials. It's somewhat eclectic of what I come up with.

How long has your truck been operating?

It was 2 years in November (2012).

Where does the name "Mother Fletcher's" come from?

Both my husband and I had mothers who were really good cooks. They've passed away but they left a big influence and we wanted to reflect that in the name. My mother was from the North and Danny's mother was from the South so I learned a great deal about Northern and Southern cooking. Then, a long time ago in Myrtle Beach, SC, long before the House of Blues, there was a place called Mother Fletcher that had local bands and partying. I wanted a name, that when people heard it, they wouldn't forget it.

What makes Mother Fletcher's special?

A few things - our prices are kept as low as we can and people know they're getting a fair amount of fresh food, cooked to order.

How does cook to order work for a food truck? Isn't that too slow?

I hand cut all the meat. For example, when I get the tenderloin I trim it out and slice it myself by hand. I can cook to order a steak sandwich in a couple of minutes. it just you cooking?


…how do you get the food out fast enough?

I have to be really prepared. And people don't mind waiting a few minutes knowing their food is being cooked right then. Even my health inspector was surprised. She was telling me that with wings, for example, most people pre-cook them most of the way and just finish cooking when they're ordered. But that cannot be good with all the health issues. Which is another reason I cook to order. It's safer to cook something to the right temperature and serve it like that then it is to try to pre-cook something and keep it within the range of being safe for a length of time.

…have you always done cook to order?

Yes. I'm sure you've gone to places and ordered something that tastes like it might have been under a light for a while. We didn't want that.


Mother Fletchers Salad

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