Eat Drink Jax Talks With Gourmet Aviator Food Truck

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Food Truck week continues! Today we have an interview with Alex Montane , the owner of the Gourmet Aviator Food Truck! eatdrinkjax brings more of the details and the behind the scenes glimpses of life in the world of food entreprenuers. Join us after the jump for details and more yummy food porn!

Gourmet Aviator Food Truck with Alex Montanez

Tell us about Gourmet Aviator.

We are a food truck based in and around Jacksonville, FL. We started operation in May (2012). But our history actually goes back a little further.

I have been in aviation for over 20 years - flying since I was 16 years old and then working as a licensed airline mechanic for companies like Boeing and Northrup Grumman. So, I'm a real aviator. As a side business, in 2007 I opened an online store,, to sell sauces - wing sauces, BBQ sauces and that sort of thing. When I moved to Jacksonville in 2009 I was looking for ways to expand the online store. I was an aviator and I sold wing sauce, but I'd never seen anyone put the two things together. But wings and airplanes go together! So I hired a designer and told her about my idea and asked her if she could create a logo. She did. She is a fantastic designer. She came up with the logo for my wing sauce and it's pretty well what we have on the truck today. In 2012 we won the Scovie Award for logo design.

Back in 2009, armed with our chicken wing sauce, a BBQ sauce and our new logo we started to go around to sauce competitions. And we'd go to air shows and other events to sell the sauces. People would always ask us for food to eat with the sauces, but we only had pretzels and didn't have a license to offer food. But people kept asking, so we thought - why keep selling our sauces to other food vendors? Why not make up some food based on our sauces?

In March of this year (2012) I got laid off from Northrup Grumman and that really decided things. I wanted more control over my career and the food truck let me put together our sauces with making food based on our own sauces. That's our forté.

Who designed your truck?

I did the design. The truck was originally a 1980 Frito Lay truck that I had re-built from the ground up. I'm a mechanic and I used to own a hot rod shop in St. Louis that fixed up cars, so I'm used to that sort of work. I had the inside kitchen retrofit done by M&R Trailers and wrapped by Wrapid Impressions in Jacksonville.

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