Eat Drink Jax Talks With Clara LeBlanc of Tidbits

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Tidbits has been a mainstay in the Jacksonville lunch scene for a while. Join the inquisitive writers at Eatdrinkjax as they interview Clara LeBlanc the owner of the restaurant. Join us after the jump for details!

Tell us about Tidbits.

Tidbits is a lunch and catering restaurant. We've been in business since 1985, at the same location and with the same owners - my husband Greg and I. We really focus on fresh foods, great service and very reasonable prices

What makes Tidbits special?

People come because they can count on the quality and freshness of the food. Our staff is so amazing, we take pride in our great customer service creating a better experience than what you'd expect.

What sort of food do you serve?

Fresh salads, home made soups and great sandwiches. It's simple food. It really is. But we're going to make sure the ingredients are the freshest we can find.

Has the concept for Tidbits changed over time?

Our overall concept has always been the same, but we're always evolving and updating and making products better as they're made available to us. Consistency is really important to us so a lot of the menu items have stayed in place over the years.

What's your most popular item?

Our chicken avocado sandwich - it's a really great sandwich. Our chicken salad sandwich, potato salad and lemon cake are also extremely popular items.

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