Art In Public Places Meeting Minutes, March 2012

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The Art in Public Places Committee meets monthly, more or less. The committee decides what Public Arts will be funded by the public fund. These are the meetings of the committee from March of 2012. They mark the years first mention of the dreaded "App" as well as the first turbulence from the dreaded "Deaccession Committee" affair. Join us after the jump for details.

The March meeting of the Art In Public Places Committee apparently put a little snap into its step and moved along with a noticeable crackly pop.

The Deaccession Committee process is described in words that any southerner can discern volumes from by reading between the lines.  Apparently both Linda Broadfoot and Anna Tomczak were informed of the committees intention to remove their work from public view.

Without segue or explanation we are then informed that the Deaccession Committee agreed there was only a minimal difference between the original and current appearances.

And what pray tell, might have led to an examination of the before and after shots of these works?

After explaining that the works are 'sensitive' and a mention of cautions put forth by Ben Thompson (along with his insistence that the works be pulled from public view) the committee votes basically 'never mind' with Christie Holocheck 'agreeing that deaccession is unnecessary'.

One would hardly have to be a mentalist to figure out the exact sequence of events that led up to the shelving of the deaccession plans at this time.  One ventures that the technical term would be 'shitfit',

All agreed, for reasons which are still not entirely known, that deaccession will play an important function in the future.

It is still puzzling to me exactly whose bright idea it was to make this a priority for the committee, considering the state of affairs of the public art that isnt displayed in temperature controlled, secure locations like the Downtown Library and the new Courthouse.  One simply cannot imagine what they were thinking. "With all of the money and resources available, why dont we first figure out which living and easily offended local artist is join to have their work yanked from public view, for reasons which will be very hard to explain later on?"  

Thats probably not exactly the thinking process (although in this town, who knows) but its exactly how it was interpreted by the artists affected.  Understandably so.

Anyways, this isnt the only bright spot of chaos to be addressed at the monthly meeting.  March represents the first month that "The App" is mentioned.

Check under 'Announcements".  It is the first item.  Mentioned in an offhand, hopeful, benign kind of way:  "Smart Phone App:  Currently in the process of gathering existing public files and joining them to the current database".

This first 2012 mention in the meeting minutes is in no way indicative of the cascading horror shows that are about to unfold.

Finally, we are left with the announcement that the Spark Activation Coloring Book will be completed within the next six months.

notations by stephen dare

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