Art In Public Places Meeting Minutes, June 2012

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MetroJacksonville recently did battle to get access to the records of the Arts In Public Places Committee---the shadowy group in charge of acquiring and maintaining works of public art for the City of Jacksonville. People nearly died. Well, not really. There were some terse emails however. Anyways, now we have them, and are sharing them one month at a time. Join us after the jump for the details.

Ok, so apparently June of 2012 was one of those hot, terrible months where there just wasnt anything fun to talk about at the Arts In Public Places Commission.

The "App" has begun to transform from a sweet beautiful unicorn puppy into a horrible many headed hydra with gaping maws snapping in every direction, reeking of death and carrion.  Its very existence is beginning to seem like like a reproach to the existence of a Loving God, and (not for the first time, either) hope seems to have died on the once cherished little project.

To make matters worse, new Councilwoman, Lori Boyer has been the source of depressingly realistic suggestions that the Committee duly recognizes.  One can almost hear the scraping of the bottom of the barrel of good cheer as the committee secretary sighs her notation sadly into the record.

What follows is a few bullet points that form their own kind of bleak gestalt.

Boyer has pointed out that what can be acquired must also be maintained, and cheerily adds that prudent stewards plan for the costs of maintenance at the time of acquisition.

In otherwords, life cant be an endless series of shopping. All sprees end either in logistics or trashheaps.

Apparently she has spoken no more than the truth.

The lights are literally going out on the marvy statues at the colliseum, one of the tile encrusted sculptures is nearly a smoldering pile of rubble, and to add to the general collapse of Art as we know it, there are intimations that Talking Continents isnt living up to the Jauve Plensa's original intent.

Graphs are suggested.  Graphs and damned statistics.

Back to the "App".  

It must be noted with a certain measure of grisly humor that depressing as this months update on the App might be, these could very well be considered the "salad days' on the issue.  After all, in June, it was still free.  "Pro Bono" as noted in the report.

Less than 6 hours of actual work left......or so the AIPP committee fondly believes.

In total, not much really happened this month, except the prologue of a Wagnerian scale of tragedy as the AIPP committee confronts Art as an existence in Three Dimensions.  dimensions that must be cleaned, maintained, and preserved.  Could you get more dreary?

compiled and annotated by stephen dare

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