All Video Recap of One Spark Video Coverage 2013

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One Spark was also a bit of a first for MetroJacksonville as it marked our debut of videoblogging team coverage. We've been working behind the scenes for the past year with various video experiments, we purchased a video production studio, started trying out different software and formats and created a video production and news partner relationship with the local Post/Newsweek Affiliate, Channel 4 (and In addition to our full video coverage of the Art Spark event, we also debuted the first of our segments on This Week in Jacksonville, on Channel Four's weekly Sunday morning public affairs show. All in all a very busy week for us! The result is a pretty cool video mosaic of the One Spark Event and we have compiled all the videos for you after the jump!

Starting on Wednesday Night, shortly after the kickoff party with the first videoblog between Stephen Dare and Joshua Taylor about the event itself!

Pitches from the Creators!:

Stephen Dare and Wyatt Sanders, discussing the youthful inventor's project on the opening night of the One Spark Event.

5&Dime; Theatre Company Pitch for One Spark

Project Product Development Pitch for One Spark

Thursday we continued on with the event itself!

Stephen Dare and Boyd Bettis at Bold Bean Cafe, in the opening preamble for our coverage.2pm.

Getting settled in at Dalton Agency's Media Center

The Quilted Stage in Hemming Park

How One Spark Works.

Thursday Sign Off from Murray Hill Theatre

Friday we ventured out into the streets

Stephen Dare reporting from the Media Center of the Dalton Agency, opening up the daily coverage of the One Spark Event

Food Village

Stephen Dare and Arash Kamiar reporting from Hemming Park

Josh Taylor reporting on how money is awarded to the Creators!

Laura Street

Josh Taylor and Kat McLeod

Out on the street listening to a performance: The song is "Midnight"

Saturday was spent with a lot more interaction with the crowds!

Street performers and some food

Interesting Pole Performance on Adams Street

Free style rap at One Spark. A random guy walks up to the "stage" and the two main performers "scold" him for pretending like he wanted to rap then walking away. The random guy walks back to the mic and blows it up.

Interview with venue owner Jay Harris of S&N Clothing Co.

And finally on Sunday Afternoon, we caught up with Abel Harding at about suppertime to chat about the just finished event: