Riverside to Downtown Pub Crawl Returns!

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The Downtown and Riverside Pub Crawl is back, and its all grown up! Join us this Friday as we bridge the gap between the hot new King Street District and Downtown's maverick nightlife district. CoSponsored by the Jacksonville Landing and Downtown Vision, this time there are trolleys, Friday (November 2, 2012) night fun, hotel discounts, package deals and more fun than you can shake a stick at. Watch two cool communities get bridged and pubcrawled in one single night!

We are bringing back the Pubcrawl, and this time its getting all grown up.

There are other sponsors besides just MetroJacksonville for example Downtown Vision is cosponsoring the event, by providing trolley transport this Friday to crawl, socialize and otherwise make your way between some of the best night spots in Riverside and Downtown.  Here is a map of the official PubCrawl stops!

PubCrawl registration locations (The Garage and The Landing) highlighted in red.

MetroJacksonville and the Nightclubs will be sponsoring Designated Drivers free of charge for the entire event.

If you have a designated driver for the evening, let us know ahead of time and we'll set them up with a complementary wristband so they can ride along and join you in the bars without charge.

The November PubCrawl will spotlight the emergingl King Street District, and Downtown with the Landing and the Bay Street nightclubs.  We will be crisscrossing between the two districts throughout the night!  We are trying to make this as walkable an event as possible, to allow residents of both neighborhoods convenient walkable experiences in each other's back yards.

King Street.

If you decide to use the trolleys, then park your car early in the evening near the stop you want to get off on at the end of the night, hop on the early trolley with your designated driver and join the fun without repositioning your car every stop.

You can join in the PubCrawl at any one of the stops, and we are encouraging bicycle participants to join up and do the riverside to downtown ride along with us.

The PubCrawl will unofficially begin at The Landing and The Garage in the King Street District. Captain Zissou and the guys will gather at the Landing Courtyard starting around 5:30pm.  There will be a table to sign up, get your wristbands, buy tickets, hang out and meet other crawlers (and you will meet new people)

The Downtowners will all hop onto the PubCrawl Trolley in front of The Landing at about 6:50 and head over to Underbelly.

There will be a sign in table set up at the Garage at 5:30pm as well.  Stop there and seek it out.  After everyone from the Riverside half of the PubCrawl is signed in, wristbanded, drink tokened and chatted up the group will then head down to Downtown's Underbelly:

Trolleys will depart at 06:30pm

Then we will head to the Bay Street District.  Three stops:

Club TSI Discothéque

The Dive Bar has just completed its switchover to Kala's its fun and amazing.

07:00pm - 07:40pm Underbelly
07:45pm - 08:30pm Mark's
08:35pm - 09:20pm Kala's

The Trolley will leave for King Street starting at 9:20pm.  Depending on how many passengers we have, there may be a couple of trips from Bay Street to Riverside.

From Bay Street, everyone will either drive, bike or take the trolley to Riverside for the King Street District.

Trolleys will depart at 10:10pm and 10:25pm

10:30pm - 12:00pm Loft/Rogue/Garage for a sampling of the nightclub cluster that has defined the King Street District.

There are a couple of other places nearby that you are welcome to sample, Kickbacks has great food and its a great place to visit for a bit of nosh.

Finally, Downtowners and people parked in Downtown will begin returning on the PubCrawl Trolley which will drop people off at stops in Five Points, Downtown and Springfield.  Depending on how many passengers there are, there may be a couple of trips.

Trolleys will depart from the King Street District at 12:00am and 12:30am

Downtown's East Bay Street.

November PubCrawl venues and sponsors.


Transportation on the trolley,
Drink Specials at The Garage
2 free beverage tokens for the bars/clubs,
Free admission to 8 bars/clubs
A chance to meet the most interesting people in the city (come on lets face it, our readers are pretty damn interesting people)



05:30pm - 06:45pm The Landing and the Garage

transit to Underbelly (from Landing and the Garage)

Trolleys will depart at 06:50pm

07:00pm - 07:40pm Underbelly
07:45pm - 08:30pm Mark's
08:35pm - 09:20pm Kala's

Trolleys will depart at 09:25pm

transit to King Street District (Riverside)

Trolleys will depart at 10:10pm and 10:25pm

10:10pm - 12:00pm Loft/Rogue/Garage

transit to Landing (Downtown)

Trolleys will depart from the King Street District at 12:00am and 12:30am


The beverage tokens are only good after the time marked on them, but they can be used for the rest of the evening until the pub closes for people who want to hang out after the pubcrawl is officially over.

Tickets are 15 dollars if you purchase them before hand, 20 dollars once the pubcrawl begins.

We will be selling tickets online until 5pm on Friday, the day of the event, afterwards we wont be accepting purchases online.

Dress for fun and mayhem.  Points for awesome dresses, but keep in mind you need a pair of comfortable walking shoes a couple of times during the pubcrawl.

We have a list of everyone who is purchasing tickets online, but just in case, print off the receipt!

Buy a ticket now!