Riverside Restaurants: Tijuana Flats In Five Points

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Five Points couldnt be busier with new life and restaurants. Now Tijuana Flats is open at the corner of Margaret and Riverside, replacing the space vacated by Sushi Cafe as it moved to a different part of the complex. Join us after the jump for words from Janice Price

Tijuana Flats Burrito Company
2025 Riverside Avenue (next door to Starbucks)
Jacksonville, FL 32204
(904) 389-5630

Tijuana Flats Burrito Company is a casual eatery with friendly people serving up Tex-Mex fare. You know, burritos, tacos, chimichangas and so forth, but without HFC, MSG, freezers or microwave ovens -- it's all fresh food. The spice is fairly mild, but the focal point of the restaurant is a hot sauce bar; breathing fire or not is entirely at your own discretion. If you become infatuated with any of the hot sauces, you can buy some to take home. Vegetarian and vegan options are available (just skip the meat, and/or cheese and sour cream), and they also offer whole wheat tortillas and low-fat cheese at no extra cost.

The look and feel of Tijuana Flats is youthful and energetic -- the interior is painted in VERY bright colors and is decorated with photographs and graffiti, including the bathroom, which was blessedly clean. The indoor dining area is small, but there is ample seating on the covered patio.

They serve beer and wine, nothing fancy. Everything on the menu is under ten dollars, mostly around $7-8, which is a good value for the generous portions. (I had a cheese burrito, which came with beans and rice, and got full with a few bites still left on the plate.)  They don't take reservations, and never add a gratuity to the bill, just tip your server as you wish.

Mon-Thu: 11 am to 10 pm
Fri-Sat: 11 am to 10:30 pm
Sun: 11 am to 9 pm
Live music by local bands on the patio, Friday nights from 6-9 pm.
They hope to expand the hours and menu to include breakfast, maybe early next year.

text and photos by Janice Price