Mythbusters Stage Show!

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The Artist Series has put together one of their most diverse seasons ever. This is one of the cool bright spots that rounds out their offerings. Sunday Night's Mythbuster stage show is bound to be a crowd pleaser. Join us after the jump for details!

This weekend on Sunday Night, Jacksonville crowds are going to be treated by the Mythbusters stage show, presented by The Artist Series, and it promises to be a lot of raw fun.

I had the privilege of speaking with Adam Savage last week and found him to be a surprisingly down to earth, grounded, humble San Franciscan who has a real love for science.

Turns out that Savage is a committed skeptic (something we have in common) and a member of the skeptical society.

Mythbusters has been on the air for 10 years now, and when the guys decided to do a live performance show, they decided on a different format from the television program.

Its basically going to be a deconstructed magic show.  If I had to create a visual equation to explain the show it would look something like this.

What is the Mythbusters stage show?

Well it is this:

+ this:

= this:

This is kind of the perfect show for a Sunday night, in fact Bella Coley and I are planning on attending with nephew #3, Justin.

Here are the particulars and background of the show and how to get tickets"

About Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage
Jamie Hyneman is the owner of M5 Industries, an effects company specializing in problematic custom builds. Besides serving as headquarters of “MythBusters,” M5 continues to work on various research & development projects for private clients.  After trying his hand at careers as various as librarian at the United Nations in Geneva to running a diving and sailing charter business in the Caribbean, Hyneman began his career in show business as special effects shop assistant in New York and later in San Francisco as a crew member on films including “Robocop,” “Arachnophobia” and “Naked Lunch.”
While managing Colossal Pictures’ model shop in San Francisco, Hyneman was given the opportunity to take over – and M5 Industries was born.  Hyneman graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Russian. He has received an honorary engineering degree from the University of Maine as well as an honorary doctorate of engineering from Villanova University, with whom he has an ongoing collaborative relationship to help develop new safety concepts for the military. He is the holder of several patents and the winner of numerous industry awards.  Hyneman currently resides the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife.
Adam Savage joined M5 in 2002 after receiving a call from former boss Jamie Hyneman to participate in a TV pilot, which turned into the wildly popular Discovery Channel series “MythBusters.”  Savage immersed himself in the NYC arts scene before moving to San Francisco in 1990 to parlay his skills into the thriving theater scene. There he worked for dozens of companies as set designer, prop master, art director and producer before falling into the machine art community where he learned welding, pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics and robot-building.  After exhibiting his work in over 50 art shows nationwide, Savage caught the eye of the special effects industry and began working as a prop builder and art director for major commercials for Sega, Coca-Cola, Nike, Burger King and Chevrolet. His work on a Coca-Cola commercial earned him a Clio Award nomination.
After an 18-month stint as head of research & development for startup toy company ZOOB, Savage joined George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic, where he worked on “Star Wars: Episodes 1 and 2,” “Galaxy Quest,” “Space Cowboys,” “A.I.,” “Terminator 3,” “The Mummy,” and dozens of commercials. During this time he also worked as model-shop supervisor for the two “Matrix” sequels as well as taught at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco.  Savage continues to dabble in his multiple hobbies, including passionately restoring his vintage four-wheel drive vehicle and accruing new pieces for his movie prop collection. He currently lives in San Francisco with his wife, twin boys and two dogs.
Tickets for “MythBusters: Behind the Myths” begin at $37.00 and are available at or (904) 442-BWAY (2929).  Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more at (904) 442-2947 or
This season, The Artist Series will be hosting a Food Drive to support Second Harvest North Florida.  The most requested items are canned fruit, vegetables, and beans (preferably low sodium), canned meat/protein-tuna, canned chicken, peanut butter, pasta, soups, Mac n cheese, cereal, instant potatoes, granola, rice, grits, snack and breakfast bars.  To avoid damage, everything should be plastic, bag, or can.  Sponsored by Publix, the Food Drive will be held at every Artist Series show through December 21st at the Times-Union Center.
To order by phone with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover call
The Artist Series Box Office at
(904) 442-BWAY (2929)
(toll-free outside of Jacksonville 1-888-860-BWAY)
Tickets are also available online with Instant Seat Selection by visiting the
The Artist Series’ website: