Carmine's Pie House

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Cafe Nomad, Janice Price, continues documenting the places to eat in Jacksonville. Join us as for the details of Carmine's Pie House after the Jump

Carmine's Pie House
2677 Forbes St (corner of King and Forbes)
Jacksonville, FL 32204
(904) 387-1400

The first thing I noticed upon walking into Carmine's was an aromatic whiff of tomato sauce. The next thing was.... everything. There's a lot to look at, ranging from funny bumper stickers to divine inspiration; pasted, chalked, or painted straight onto the walls, in words, pictures, or both. If you put a gun to my head and forced me to describe the place in one phrase, I would say "funky and eclectic." Granted, that's partly because there would actually have to BE a gun to my head before I would say "funky and eclectic" out loud, but it still fits.

The menu is big; appetizers, salads, subs, panini, calzone, stromboli, pasta, and of course, pizza - all variations on Italian-American classics, many of them with whimsical names (for example, they have a pizza named after actress Isabella Rossellini, and their version of chicken parmigiana is dubbed "Bird on a Plate"). Vegetarian and vegan options are readily available. They have beer and wine, naturally, and a display case full of luscious-looking desserts. The full menu is available on the website.

Brass tacks: appetizers start around $5; pasta dishes are $13-15; pizza prices vary by size and toppings; everything else is about $7-8. Also, there is a kid's menu ranging from about $3-6, which is not available to six-foot babies or cases of arrested emotional development. Carmine's does not take reservations, but parties of eight or more should probably call ahead. They do not put gratuities on the check, so remember to tip your server.

Mon - Thu 11am to 11pm
Friday - 11am to whenever
Saturday - 11am to 11pm
Sunday - 12pm to 9pm