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The Artist Series: West Side Story

JACKSONVILLE, FL : The tour of the smash hit Broadway revival of WEST SIDE STORY is coming to Jacksonville! The blockbuster show opens at the Times-Union Center's Moran Theater on Tuesday, December 4th and runs through Sunday, December 9th for 8 performances only!

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December 05, 2012, 09:36:13 AM
Went to see the show last night.

Really really enjoyable experience.  The orchestra was really a starring role in this production.  Whoever put together the arrangements for the show is a genius.  It might as well have been performed right out of the late fifties with a group of the most passionate musicians of the era.  They really mastered the tonal intangibles of the score, and several times throughout the evening, you just had to stop for a second and listen to the delightful music.

Also the set and production elements were gorgeous and perfectly executed.  The projections and fifties derived backgrounds were a visual masterpiece.

Maryjoanna Grisso as Maria was sublime.  She was beautiful and charismatic onstage but when she sang, it was transformative.  The upper register of her soprano was so sweet and perfectly formed that there were times, literally when you lost track of whether it was from a human being.  Lovely show stopping moments with her rendition of very familiar songs.

Definitely worth seeing.
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