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Fringe Cafe and Eatery on Edgewood

The official catalogue entry of The Fringe Cafe in historic Murray Hill. Intrepid confabulationist Janice Price lists the details of the quirky little cafe after the jump!

Published November 23, 2012 in Dining & Nightlife      1 Comments    Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article


Fringe Eatery on Edgewood

934 Edgewood Ave S

The Fringe is a cafe, gallery and performance venue adjoining the Murray Hill Theatre. The warm colors and steampunk decor make it feel kind of like visiting a friendly Victorian mad inventor... mechanical oddities and old lace, with comfy couches.

The Fringe has a variety of coffee and tea drinks, fresh sandwiches, salads, wraps, and soups. There are three soups made fresh daily. I suspect the creamy, delicious beer cheese soup contains some substance far more addictive than beer, because I wanted more soup, even after getting full on a chicken wrap. There are also classic theater concession style items, like nachos, hot dogs, burgers, chips and candy.
The service at the Fringe is very smiling and friendly, the atmosphere is laid back, and the (conversational volume) music was delightful. Everything on the menu is mostly around $4-5, except for the $8 soup and salad combo, and one insane gonzo coffee drink with five shots of espresso and three flavorings. No reservations are required.

Lunch is from 11am to 2pm, Tue through Fri
Dinner is from 6pm to midnight, Tue through Sun.

Closed on Monday.

Check the Facebook page for events and a full menu

article by Janice Price



November 23, 2012, 11:04:36 AM
it is an AWESOME place for FRIENDSHIP and EATING very affordable ,and make sure you tell JOHN that David sent ya. not that you`ll get a discount but just that it`s a great place to unwind after work ,and also meet very friendly people YALL COME BACK NOW YOU HEAR
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