5 & Dime: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

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if there is one show that Jacksonville's indie theatre audiences have a lasting enthusiasm for, it has to be Hedwig and the Angry Inch. 5 & Dime is putting on a full production of the smash hit in the kind of venue that it was developed to be performed in: Underbelly. Check out the details of the upcoming performance after the jump!

The 5 & Dime presents John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask’s rock musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch at Downtown Jacksonville's thriving live music venue, UNDERBELLY - 113 East Bay Street - December 13, 14, 15, 21 at 8:00pm & 22 at 10:00pm (with a pre-show experience set to begin at 8:00pm). Tickets are available at the venue for $15 or in advance via the website for $10. For reservations and more information visit www.The5andDime.org.

In this cult classic, “Hedwig” shares her story with the help of her band, “The Angry Inch.” Through a rock gig/ stand-up comedy routine, we hear about her painful past as Hansel, an East German boy, in love with an American GI and desperate to get over the Berlin Wall. He reluctantly submits to a sex change operation - which is botched. Hedwig emerges. She comes with baggage: severe emotional and physical scarring, painful memories of her former self, and new inspiration for the name of her band. Hedwig shares with the audience her lifelong search for the "origin of love," her

Director Edward Mourningwood describes the show as a “marriage of comedy and tragedy.” He continues, “Hedwig has much to say, about faith, about music, about gender identity, about being different, and about love. These themes are universal.” It is a passion project for Mr. Mourningwood, having directed it years ago. When the opportunity presented itself to revisit the project with The 5 & Dime, Ed did so gladly.

Josh Waller plays Hedwig and describes the role as, “a moving experience and one that will never leave me.” A veteran performer, Waller says, “In my life, there have been those moments on stage during which it truly feels like magicis happening . . . That magic absolutely happens when I'm playing Hedwig and to get that opportunity again is truly a gift.” Waller played the role in its 2009 Jax premier. A well know face in local theatre, with particular note for his awardcwinning pipes, he explains, “To me, the story is about acceptance - acceptance from others and acceptance of yourself.”

Maya Adkins joins him in the show as “Yitzhak.” Other Jax theatre regulars helping bring this story to life are musiccdirector Aaron Marshall and production designer Lee Hamby. Additional crew includes costume and wig designer Joy Smith and Stage Manager, Kim Schnepf

Underbelly owners Emily Moody and Cameron Beard are thrilled about the collaboration and use of their venue.

Moody shares that, “Underbelly is thrilled to be expanding its horizons by hosting our first theatrical performance.” They, along with The 5 & Dime share a passion for the Urban Core and so it was a perfect match. Moody continues, “Being downtown gives us the opportunity to host a wide range of entertainment and we can't wait to see what 5 & Dime has in store for us.

Audiences should note that this show contains very strong language and mature situations.