Lost Jax: Springfield's Legendary Capitol Theater

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Built in the bustling heart of the Springfield business center, at the end of the Main Street Trolley Line, The Capitol Theater drew from all around the county and left one of the most enduring memories of Old Jacksonville behind.

The Capitol was a double feature grind house, located at the intersection of 8th and Main Streets in Jacksonville. Opened in 1926 - closed 1968

The 1943 edition of Film Daily Yearbook lists the Capitol Theatre as being operated by Paramount Pictures Inc. through their subsidiary E.J. Sparks.

In the 50's children from all over would go every Saturday for the double features plus several cartoons.  The price of admission in those days was $.12... Twelve cents!

The theatre was famous locally for its cola bottle cap policy!  Lots of kids would get up early on Saturday and hunt for 6 pop bottles.

Each bottle was traded in at a local store for 2 cents deposit return.  

Six bottles bought a full afternoon at the Capitol, watching such Heros  as Roy Rodgers, Hop Along Cassidy and many more.

article by stephen dare