Lola's Opens in King Street District. Photo Tour

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When Bobby Katuschansky opened Carmine's Pie House, the rocking little pizza joint on King Street, he had a reasonable expectation for the restaurant to succeed, even despite the long string of failed restaurants that had blinked on and off like strobe lights in a horror show. What he couldn't have planned for was the overwhelming success and outpouring of love from the neighborhood that ensued. Now, a year out, he and two partners are opening a second themed restaurant three blocks away on the opposite side of the street. MetroJacksonville was pleased to get in for a sneak peek at the place, Join us after the jump for shots of the colorful interior!

The Partners

Lola's Burrito Joint is a full restaurant and bar that specializes in Latin Street food.  Patrons will recognize dishes from Cuba, Brazil and Mexico and be able to eat a full meal for about 10 dollars max per dish.  There will be one burrito that is 11 bucks---it features soft shell crabs, but the aim is to make the food flavorful and affordable, a recipe that propelled Carmine's to success with iltalo-amercan fare.

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