Stranger's Row: Interview With David Deaton

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David Deaton may not be playing the same music as his father, but his audience is made up of some of the same Jacksonville musicians that Chris Phillips is known to associate with. A former student of Chris Buck (Canary in a Coalmine), now a Chris Spohn legacy (David has been endowed with Spohn's blue Eastwood guitar and a portion of his record collection) and also a fan of locals Goliath Flores and Shawn Lightfoot. His upcoming performance at Sunburst is highly anticipated by many of Jacksonville's luminaries.

David Deaton
His band is Stranger Row.
The Band's next event is Still Rings True, August 3rd at Sunburst.

David took a break from spinning vinyl long enough to answer a few questions for Metro Jacksonville.

Do you perform solo or with a band?

I'm the guitarist for Strangers Row. My Band-mates are Antony "Tony" Mitchell (Vocals), Trent Boe (Drums) and Nick Walter (Bass).

How did you come up with the name?

One night, I was watching some show about Steve Buscemi at my grandparents house and he mentioned that one of his family members was buried in a stranger's row. I proposed it at the next band practice and everyone seemed to like it.

What's the best thing about working with others?

Not having to do everything. I can write music all the time, but lyrics for me are usually lightning in a bottle, so its much easier to collaborate.

Are you doing originals or covers?

Mostly originals, we may do a Chili Peppers song, just depending on the atmosphere.

How long have you been writing?

I've been working with lyrics since before we were a band, but Tony and I wrote our first songs backstage during a musical, and it went on from there.

What influences your creative process?

Pretty much everything. Tony, as I've noticed, writes lyrics about things that have happened to us or him in real life, usually recently. And when I write music, I don't try to completely base a song off of an artist, but I try to emulate their style a little bit, if only for one song.

What artists do you draw inspiration from?

My Mom played Deep Purple and Bob Marley for me a good deal in my toddler years. But my Dad exposed me to musicians like T. Rex, Daft Punk, Syd Barrett,mc chris, Gorillaz. I like a lot of local stuff also, like Arvid Smith, The Pinz, A Danger to Myself, Out of the Invisible and of course, Chris Spohn.

When is your next show?
August 3rd, Sunburst Studios.

What should we expect to see from Strangers Row?

Our live show features alternative rock with dash of punk and funk. We like to have fun on and off the stage. We're also really excited to be opening for a national act.

Any other future plans?
We're working with Anthony Bartolino on some demos, and are hoping to record our first full length album soon. And looking for venues that are willing to host young bands. Make sure to check our facebook page for future gigs and updates.