Jax Film Makers: The Original Haters, Episode One

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Lewis Farinella and Jaybier Nino are among the brightest and best film makers in the local indie circuit. Farinella's directing style has made his work instantly recognizable and the ribald bawdy humor of "The Original Haters" is one of his more amusing collaborations with Jaybier Nino. This is episode 1: The Ballad of John Johnson". The premise is fairly simple. Roomates Chris, Jordan and Jay are three guys who love to hate. Their passion for sex drives them, but their lack of common sense crashes on them. Join the self proclaimed "Original Haters" in a quest to capture the attention of sexy neighbor "Katie" and their altercation with pop superstar "John Johnson." (NSFW) (seriously NSFW despite the lack of nudity)

Episode 1: The Ballad of John Johnson
TVMA (Viewer Discretion) Definitely Not Safe for Work, Strong Language, Violence, Mature Themes, Inappropriate Humor.

Christopher Breedon
Jaybier Nino
Jordan Igartua
Megan Caldwell
Chris Sirmans
Calvin Walker
Patrick Krehemker
Andrew Pierce

1st AD - Vanessa Scaduto
Boom Operator - Will Curtis
Music by - Jason Stokes of John Dough Productions
Written, Edited & Directed by Lewis Farinella
Produced by Wreckroom Productions & Ciao Films

Christopher Breedon, Jaybier Nino, and Jordan Iguarta. (The Original Haters)

Lewis Farinella is a Filmmaker/Photographer located in Jacksonville, FL. His company, Wreckroom Productions has done numerous music videos and films with many artists from Florida and surrounding states. You can check out some of his work here: http://www.youtube.com/switch1386

You can add his facebook page here:http://www.facebook.com/LewisFarinellaFilmmaker

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