Cummer Museum and Gardens Newest Renovation Project

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As anyone who has been to the Museum over the past year can attest, there have been a number of changes and renovation projects around the Cummer: Join us after the jump for details about the newest round of work on the Grande Old Dame:

They started about a year and a half ago, with gallery renovations and a new air handler system.  The old fabric was taken off the walls, new paint was applied, and in many spaces, new flooring was put in.  This was followed by a complete renovation of the Lovett Gallery, which houses our Meissen Porcelain collection.  Gone are the old ugly cases that put the porcelain up too high to see it properly, and in with contemporary designs by our very own Exhibition Designer, Vance Schrum.  The next step in the process was to redesign the Auditorium, followed by the new window project, and re-pointing the brick on the exterior of the building to protect against water intrusion.  

Over the past few weeks the Front Lobby and The Museum Store have received a face lift of sorts.  A generous donation from an anonymous source, has enabled us to bring the look of our entryway into the twenty-first century.  Thanks to the designs of Larry Wilson with Designmind LLC (, the lobby and store have a much more coherent, integrated, and functional design.  The new look of walnut, stainless steel, and white corian, pull together the old steel door of the small lobby elevator and the aspects of the marble walls, and with the new carpet and fixtures in the Museum Store, the overall look is more open and modern.  

In addition to Larry Wilson’s help, we could not have managed this transformation without the hard work, fabrication, and installation of Belet’s Millwork (, Miller Electric (, Moyer Marble & Tile Co. (, Dixie Contract (, and the staff of The Cummer Musuem, who came together in the final hour to paint shelves, build display units, and move product.  Finally, a special thanks goes out to our general contractor, Elkins Constructors (, who provided project supervision in kind.  

Up next in our renovation project…the Front Doors!  Construction should begin in September of this year.

Written by Amber Sesnick, Visitor Services & Social Media Coordinator at The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

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