School Board District 5: Dr. Constance Hall

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Probably none of the other races in this coming election on Tuesday will have a more profound effect on the future of this city than the struggles for a majority of the School Board. Education is the single biggest issue guiding housing and career choices in North Florida. From the muddled race for School Board District 5, consider the candidacy of Dr. Constance Hall. Dr. Hall has an impressive background and a willingness to listen!

Constance S. Hall, PhD is a lifelong educator with more than three decades of service to the Duval County Public School system. A native of Jacksonville, Florida and attended the public schools within the system. Her education continued to include a B.A. from St. Augustine’s College, Raleigh North Carolina, a M.S. from Nova Southeastern University and her PhD from Florida A&M University. She has worked across the K-12 system as a classroom teacher, principal, and district administrator. Dr. Hall served as principal at four schools – two elementary and two middle schools. Each middle school garnering A ratings during her tenure. Upon retirement from the school system she served a year and a half as Campus College Chair of Education for the University of Phoenix North Florida Campus. She presently mentors doctoral students at Capella University.

Dr. Hall’s leadership style can best be described as collaborative risk-taking. She is thoughtful in her approach, examining the research base and evaluative data behind promising programs and strategies. She is also highly attuned to the expertise in her midst. She seeks buy-in and support from stakeholders, and encourages colleagues, peers, and community members to try novel approaches that fit the specific needs of their constituency. While at the helm of a magnet middle school for gifted and talented students, Dr. Hall championed an after school program targeting struggling students. Through collaborative team building, she was instrumental in transforming the instructional climate to support all students to higher levels of achievement and not simply the designated gifted students. At an elementary school, Dr. Hall adopted a reading approach that she felt would best meet the needs of her students and families. While the reading approach popularity was absent of support from some, Dr. Hall’s extensive research garnered school wide support. At the end of the first year of implementation, Dr. Hall and her staff proudly released all 600 students for summer break knowing they were ALL readers.

Dr. Hall has strong networks at the local, state, and national levels. She has served as President of the Jacksonville Alliance of Black School Educators for more than ten years. She helped design six consecutive Education Summits focusing on challenge schools, closing the achievement gap, FCAT Prep, and parental involvement. She has served as an adjunct professor at Florida A& M University, and has presented at the International Reading Association, National Association of Elementary School Principals and the National Alliance of Black School Educators. As principal and district administrator, she has cultivated relationships with business leaders, elected officials and many members of the community.

Dr. Hall’s tenure and deep knowledge of the Jacksonville community have led her to identify pockets of success across the district. Her interest remains in developing the cultural norms and processes that will allow success to grow, and provide every student with real opportunities for accelerated achievement.

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