Go Cinema: "Sophisticated" Wraps Principal Photography

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Go Cinema Production has teamed up with Cinematographer Peter Stahl in a remake of "Quicksand". The drama is set in North Florida, directed by Ryan Rummel, and they have just wrapped principal photography! Check out the details after the jump!

Go Cinema was formed as a company to participate in the new type of movie creating, digital film. What once cost $500,000 in Hollywood can now be achieved for around $20,000 as technological advances bring visual and audio capture devices to the masses.  We are seeing the dawn of a new type of movie maker that combines the functionalities of the Internet with these new digital media. New forms of distribution some call hybrid distribution allow film makers to sell rights to films with multiple third party distributors while retaining rights.

Their debut feature film project is based on the old Mickey Rooney flick:  Quicksand.  After borrowing $100 from his employer's cash register, an auto mechanic is plunged into a series of increasingly disastrous circumstances which rapidly spiral out of his control.

Motor mechanic Max Brady (originally played by Mickey Rooney) lacks funds for a heavy date with new waitress Jacolyn, the type whose life's ambition is a Gorilla hide coat, so he embezzles one hundred dollars from his employer. To make up the shortage, he goes in debt for a thousand.

Thereafter, every means he tries to get out of trouble only gets him deeper into crime, while everyone he meets is out for everything they can get.

The Go Cinema Productions version is greatly updated with a few surprising twists from the original script.  Jacksonville viewers will recognize many of the areas more interesting locations (and characters) in the film.  Kyle Davis is starring in the lead in Rooney's role and early rushes are showing that Davis is a great new find for indie fim.

The films cast consists of, Kyle Davis, Carolyn Jernigan, Melissa Calder, Benton Richards, Jay Rain, Scarlett Taylor, Kyle Marshall, Josh Taylor, Chris ,Bethany Buckner, and more to be announced, and is produced by Kristy Fontelera, Veronica Dame, Ryan Rummel in association with Stephen Dare, and Beau Damion.

Working title "Sophisticated"

joshua taylor, kyle davis and fellow mechanic at the auto shop

raven stands alone

co producer veronica dame

Fr. rick benton and kyle davis