"Sunnyside Up" with Parker Posey, Premiere in Jax!

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Sunnyside Up, the new film by Christy Cashman will be having its World Premiere tomorrow night, October 15th in Downtown Jacksonville. MetroJacksonville will be covering this debut, join us (and the rest of the movie loving masses) to see this quirky, clever film at the Florida Theatre.

Apparently there is a Film Festival going on.  Not that we would know, since we havent heard a peep out of the organization.

But Jacksonville is very lucky to score a world Premier of this cool independent film, written and produced by the fascinating Christy Scott Cashman.

(MetroJacksonville will be interviewing the writer of this quirky, clever film today and you can look forward to some fun video with the article this weekend!)

Parker Posey as "Angelica Feelgoode", a fitness and weight loss guru.

Sunnyside Up's debut will be a cool retro 'red carpet' affair in downtown Jacksonville and you can expect to see a few notables there in including the inimitable Ms. Cashman.

Basically the storyline is charming enough:

Millie Bartlett farms organic chickens on an island off the coast of Maine that has been in her family for generations. Angelica Feelgoode is an energy and fitness guru to the 'stars'. Millie and Angelica, strangers whose lives could not be more different, meet under improbable circumstances and need each other more than they know.

Millie’s life begins to fall apart when she realizes that she may lose her island unless her chickens can make enough money to pay the taxes. To make matters worse, her marriage is on the rocks after should found her husband wearing her underwear. She is unhappy with everything and blames her troubles on everyone else. Angelica’s star appeal is beginning to fade and her producer has made it clear that unless she can appeal to middle America, her guru days are numbered.

Their journey begins at an Inn where Millie has taken her two sons to break the news that their Dad is leaving home. Angelica, at the Inn to promote her book and TV lifestyle makeover show, spies Millie in a crowd and decides that she is the perfect imperfect person to rescue her career.

The problem is that Millie has no interest in going on TV or in getting a 'lifestyle makeover.' Her best friend Cora, however, wants to be on TV desperately and convinces her that this is the only way to save her home, her family and herself. For Millie and Angelica, the road ahead is full of surprises when Angelica moves to Chicken Island for 3 weeks to work with her newest 'client'.

This is a pretty major score for the Film Festival, and you can find out more about the rest of their program by checking out their web page http://www.jacksonvillefilmfestival.com/

here are the particulars of the premiere:

Saturday | October 15 | 6PM | The Florida Theatre
5:30PM Red Carpet
6:00PM Screening and Q&A with filmmaker and talent
TICKETS: $10.00

The Florida Theatre
128 E. Forsyth Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202
RUN TIME: 82 min

Directed by:
Derek Estin Purvis

Produced by:
Michael Mailer, Laura Bernieri, Christy Scott Cashman

Written by:      
Christy Scott Cashman

Parker Posey, Christy Scott Cashman, Kathryn Erbe, Jay Harrington