Matt Carlucci: Why I am Supporting Audrey Moran

March 15, 2011 17 comments Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article

"Audrey Moran is the only candidate who talks about moving Jacksonville forward. That has become her theme. It plays to our hopes for the future and not our fears. I believe that deep inside, the majority of our citizens want our city to prosper again, to progress! For too long we have sat still, like a sailboat adrift with no wind in her sails. We cannot get there with the status quo or even worse, moving backwards." This is how Matt Carlucci, one of Jacksonville's most beloved and respected leaders introduces his explanation of Why he is supporting Audrey Moran. There are many people who feel that Jacksonville would be a better city today if he had been Mayor for the past eight years. Tune in to hear why he is voting for Audrey Moran to become the next mayor of Jacksonville.

Audrey's plan includes a desperately needed new Downtown Development Authority focused soley on the renewal of our city's heart. There is no extra expense here. It's a carving out of the JEDC. Cities are known by their downtowns and downtown Jacksonville should be our flagship - an exciting place to go and a sales tool for attracting new business and creating jobs.

Education is our most critical issue and Audrey will be the education mayor.  She plans to appoint a chief education officer to her senior staff - completely funded by interested and excited foundations.   This person will work in the mayor's inner circle each day with one mission, to improve our education system.

Audrey Moran understands the importance of race relations. I have heard her say more than once that a city divided will grind to a halt. As mayor, she will pull our city together again with her exciting vision of a safe city and a thriving downtown, an education system of excellence for every child and improved quality of life elements that will get our economy growing again while creating jobs.  She will also create safer neighborhoods by supporting our Jacksonville Sheriffs Office and continuing the good work of the Jacksonville Journey.

Most of all, Audrey is honest, tough and bold. She is the only candidate with plans to move our city forward. Her amazing grassroots campaign is growing stronger everyday ! It will be an exciting era in Jacksonville when she becomes Mayor Moran!!

Matt Carlucci