Donald Foy: Why I am Running for City Council

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I would like to thank the media, my immediate family, church family, Mad Dads family, Facebook family, and friends for taking time out of their busy schedule to read this today. I am here to announce my candidacy for the office of City Council Group 5 at Large. At a time when the unemployment rate is high, real estate taxes and excessive spending have the average person robbing Peter to pay Paul. I asked myself what the people are looking for as a council person for at large group 5.

We need a person with proven leadership ability, I am the president of the Mad Dad Jacksonville Chapter , I have led a group of men and women through the streets and neighborhoods of Jacksonville for 7 1/2 years.  With proven visibility and help of the Jacksonville Sheriffs office, there has been a reduction in crime and triple the amount of calls made to Crimestoppers breaking the code of silence. As an elder at Potters House Christian Fellowship, I provide leadership for three ministries.

We need a person who is more concerned about The People than they are about a Party. I am an Independent, I am for what is right versus what is popular, and I believe that the people should be number one and not the party. We need a person who will stand up against wasteful spending and the loss of honest tax payer's dollars. As your councilperson my priorities will be to work closely with the school district to create better system of delivery of educational services through every neighborhood. To create more Job Development, Business Development, and Economic Development

To work closely with law enforcement to ensure the drop in violent crime continues by stressing better police visibility and more community involvement

Thank You,
Donald Foy