Sean Hall: Why Im Running For City Council

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I did not choose to live in Jacksonville. The Navy decided that for me and my parents when my father was stationed at Cecil Field when I was 7. I grew up, went to public schools and graduated from college right here in Northeast Florida. As an airborne/Infantry officer in the U.S. Army and Army National Guard for 14 years, I learned how to manage and lead a team through extreme difficulties, while continuing to produce positive results. I will utilize my experience to work with local businesses to make sure city government does not impede the free market from succeeding in Jacksonville.

My most recent endeavor in the private sector with Panasonic Computer Solutions has provided an unparalleled perspective in both the national and international business markets. As an executive business development manager for Latin America, I was accountable for driving and creating new opportunities for Panasonic throughout Central and South America. The opportunity to develop relationships with stakeholders in these countries gives me a unique insight into the unlimited partnership and trade opportunities with the rest of the world.

I feel called to offer what I can to public service, to give something back to the community in which, out of all the places I’ve been, I’ve chosen to put down roots and call home.

We need leaders who can listen, analyze, ask questions, think creatively, find common ground and solve problems. Not just for the short term but for the long term success of our community. This is what I do and I am prepared to make tough decisions – decisions that will move Jacksonville forward.

We must work to balance the core responsibilities of city government with the needs of our people and the resources to address those needs. The issues that Jacksonville faces are complex. It is critically important to see and understand how the choices we make now will affect our future.

My objectives are to:

•  Create new jobs in Jacksonville by growing local businesses and maximizing our Port’s full

•  Protect our City’s Quality of Life by prioritizing expenditures in the areas of public safety and
neighborhood infrastructure.;

•  Address water quantity, quality and access issues related to the St. Johns River;

•  Focus on efforts to development Downtown to its fullest potential.

Please vote for me on March 22nd. Let’s make Jacksonville a better city than it was yesterday. Email: Facebook:Sean Hall for City Council

Thank you,

Sean Hall
Candidate for City Council,
At Large District 5