Marc McCullough: Why I am Running for City Council

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A native of Jacksonville, FL, Marc A. McCullough, Sr. was educated in the public school system (John Love, R.L Brown, Matthew W. Gilbert, Kirby Smith, and Andrew Jackson) and attended Jones College and Florida Community College Jacksonville now known as Florida State College of Jacksonville. In addition to being a longshoreman for 15 years, he is also the former owner of Mr. Ice Cream in which he employed and mentored troubled youth.

In 2007 Mr. McCullough, a life long resident of the district with a passion for politics and justice ran for City Council District #7. Although, withdrawing from the race, he has continued to be a community organizer by developing programs such as A.S.K (Adults Supporting Kids) and P.O.E.T.R.Y (The Power Of Edifying The Real You) we’re he promotes writing instead of fighting.

He holds membership in the Greater Beulah Missionary Baptist Church, International Longshoreman Association #1408, The Masonic Society, and AFL-CIO. He is the current president of the Client Advisory Board at the Kennedy Community Center (Springfield).and was recently voted to the board of directors of the Northeast Florida Community Action Agency.

Mr. McCullough comes from a past that he describes as tested, and as any believer of Christ you know that no test no testimony!!!! It is those past life experiences that have provided him with a lesson plan that he will use to teach our youth about the dangers of street life, improve the quality of life for all residents in the district, and restore a sense of pride in our community.

Campaign Platform

    * Streamline the permitting and business license process;
    * Establish pro-business ordinances;
    * Institute cutting-edge revitalization practices that encourage business in particular areas;
    * Discourage crime with anti-loitering and historic preservation ordinances;
    * Create incentives and tax breaks for businesses to move into “OUR DISTRICT”.

Rebuilding Our Economy

As a life long resident, I recognize that district #7 has tremendous untapped potential. To really jump-start the economy, retain and expand existing businesses, attract new investors and market “OUR DISTRICT”, we must be creative. For many years, “OUR DISTRICT” has been overlooked by the city leaving it reeling to redefine itself, why? Because we allow them to do so!! We need to develop a plan that will reflect today’s reality. Residents of “OUR DISTRICT” can achieve personal economic stability by attracting more businesses, jobs and affordable housing that are complimentary and synergistic. “OUR DISTRICT” desperately needs a go against the grain leader! Who will put the best interest of the district ahead of there own selfish needs? That person is me, Marc A. McCullough, Sr. and if I’m elected I will:

Create Safe Neighborhoods and Improve Our Quality of Life

There are a number of quality of life issues that “OUR DISTRICT” faces including infrastructures (e.g., roads, parks), public safety and community services (e.g., seniors, affordable housing). A solution includes instituting community policing, fostering neighborhood watch programs and improving police citizen relationship, and supporting nonprofits that provide after-school arts, sports, and development programs for students. To speed our recovery and improve our neighborhoods, we should ramp up enforcement of violations; more aggressively pursue grant money from other public agencies and seek Federal stimulus funds. As the City increases its revenue, these and other quality of life issues will be addressed. Neighborhood residents know best what issues their particular block or neighborhood faces. That’s why I believe that a citizen-focused Neighborhood Services Department should be formed to coordinate with different City departments to help citizens address the problems in their own neighborhoods. This would lessen the confusion citizen’s experience at City Hall and engage “OUR DISTRICT’S” residents with resources to maintain revitalization and promote a healthy community.

Invest In Our Youth

We need to develop new tools and resources to help shape tomorrow’s community leaders. We have to pull together as a community and better support parents and teachers in preparing our young people for a successful future. Our children are suffering from a shortage of mentors, materials, and activities, both during and after school. Parents are being asked to pay more and more money to subsidize their children’s education. Our teachers are underpaid and, given the State’s fiscal problems, it’ll likely be a long time before the State or County can fully fund our schools and pay our teachers a living wage. While the Board of Education is responsible for funding our school and educational system, the City needs to ensure public safety on our campuses, provide funds and facilities for after-school programs and give our youth something to do in their spare time. “OUR DISTRICT”, the city’s Recreation Department and the institutions of higher learning need to work in partnership together to expand educational, job development, arts and cultural programs that engage our youth and introduce them to positive options for their future.
** My personal issue is the Restoration of civil rights and job placement for ex-offenders

City Council Service is a Privilege and I’ll be honored to work for you,

Marc A. McCullough, Sr.,
Democrat District #7


Tallahassee, Florida

CERTIFICATE OF RESTORATION OF CIVIL RIGHTS                                                      

WHEREAS, the Governor with the concurrence of the requisite members of the Cabinet of the State of Florida have filed an Executive Order on Friday, December 14, 2007 with the Secretary of the State, in compliance with Article IV, Section 8, Constitution of the State of Florida, which grants,  


restoration of civil rights, except the specific authority to possess or own a firearm for any and all felony convictions in the state of Florida and/or restoration of civil rights in the State of Florida for any and all felony convictions in any state other than Florida, or in any United States court or military court for which this person has been duly discharged from imprisonment and/or parole, adult community control or probation, and for which this person has not been heretofore granted clemency.          

NOW, THEREFORE, I, the Coordinator of the Office of Executive Clemency, pursuant to said Order, and by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Governor with the concurrence of the requisite members of the Cabinet of the State of Florida, do hereby issue this certificate to    

MARC ANDRE MCCULLOUGH   EO#  2007C-230      DOB:  09/08/1970  

and the same shall be evidence to all persons that this person is restored to all civil rights in this State, except the specific authority to possess or own a firearm, lost by reason of any and all felonies this person may have been convicted of in the State of Florida and/or any felony conviction in another state, federal, or military court.