Lori Boyer: Why I am Running for City Council

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I believe the decisions made in the next four years will have great consequences for the future of the City and I want my children and grandchildren to have the same opportunities for success and happiness that were available to me in Jacksonville. I have lived in District 5 since 1987 and have the skills, education, and business background to be effective and positively impact our future. I am determined to control the cost and size of our local government, help rebuild our local economy and job market and protect our neighborhoods and the value of our homes.

We must be fiscally responsible and I am prepared to take a tough stand on the city budget
and taxes. Our City budget has almost doubled in the last 10 years but our population has
only grown by 13% - that needs to change. Pension reform for new hires must be part of the
solution, as well as eliminating waste, political favoritism, and redundant or outdated programs
and procedures. The solution is not borrowing against the future or simply increasing taxes to
facilitate continued expansion of the scope and size of our government.

It is equally vital that we protect existing jobs and businesses while aggressively pursuing new
opportunities for job creation and economic growth. My focus on better management of our
budget and keeping taxes under control will encourage job growth as well as allow our citizens
to keep more of their paychecks. Reducing our locally high unemployment rate is a top priority
and certainly benefits all of us. I am honored to have the endorsement of JAXBIZ (the Chamber
of Commerce) and First Coast Manufacturers Association who believe that I am the best
candidate to help grow jobs in Jacksonville.

For over 20 years, I have proven my commitment to the City by working on city and
neighborhood issues, all as a volunteer without personal benefit. I have served as a
neighborhood advocate in regard to zoning, parks, libraries and roadway improvements,
and saved taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. I was an Eve Award finalist because of my
volunteer accomplishments. I will work to protect our neighborhoods from crime, blighted
properties, inappropriate land use changes and excessive traffic; to improve the water quality
of our creeks; and to maintain our parks, libraries and infrastructure. Actions speak louder than

I also believe that it is important in a district Council seat, to be accessible, responsive, and
truly listen to your constituents. Citizens are frustrated with elected leaders - and I will work
to restore confidence in our system. I will regularly hold town meetings, listen to citizen input,
and honestly explain my decisions.

I am a quick study, a hard-worker, honest and passionate about our City, and believe our
quality of life depends on the decisions we make in the next few years. I have never run for
office, have no political career objectives, nor will my business activities benefit from my
service. Coming from a hardworking family with traditional values, I believe we can fix any
problem and make any situation better if we apply common sense, ingenuity, hard work and
determination. I ask for your vote and would be honored to serve you.

Thank you,
Lori Boyer

From the campaign website:

Born into a hard working family with traditional family values in rural South Dakota, Lori grew up with a strong work ethic that made her a common sense problem solver which has served her and Jacksonville well.

Her mother was a seamstress with an 8th grade education and her father a clerk in a feed store. They instilled in their children the belief that nothing was impossible and that in America, opportunities were limited only by your God-given talents and your willingness to put them to good use. Lori took her first job in the eighth grade as a car hop for 45 cents per hour, plus tips. She moved up to a job at a Dairy Queen where she worked throughout high school. During summers she worked with her state highway department on survey and construction crews.

Lori attended public schools and earned an academic scholarship to Georgetown University, where she excelled and graduated in three years, a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Lori then attended the University of Florida Law School (again with an academic scholarship) where she graduated among the top of her class, and an editor of the Law Review.

In 1978, Lori moved to Jacksonville and became a successful real estate attorney. She began her career at Mahoney Hadlow & Adams, later forming a firm with Lynn Pappas that is today Pappas, Metcalf, Jenks and Miller. Her practice concentrated in real estate, environmental and land use matters and she received the highest rating for ethics and ability (“AV”). She has run a real estate investment and management business, founded by her late husband Ron Nemeyer, since his death in 1993. Their son was 5 at the time. In 1997, Lori and Tyrie W. Boyer, a third generation Jacksonville native, were married. They have raised a blended family of four children. Three have graduated from college, and the youngest, R.J., is scheduled to finish next year.