Joan Rivers at Florida Theatre!

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Comedienne and legendary asp, Joan Rivers will be performing tonight at The Florida Theater, in Downtown Jacksonville. The spectacularly acidic wit will be burning ears and reputations in vintage, (seriously vintage) trademark style and delivery. Ms Rivers first came to prominence shortly after the founding of what is now known as New York City in a show making fun of the foot wear of both the Dutch and Native Americans. She was subsequently cursed to live forever. Which lasted until the Ed Sullivan Show. Tonight, she appears at The Florida Theater!

Joan Rivers will start the venomous fun at 8pm, downtown on Forsythe.

Always a great show, and with Dos Gatos and the Bay Street clubs surrounding the theatre, you can step right out for a drink in a cool place afterwards.

Call the Theater for tickets
Administrative Office - 904.355.5661
Ticket Office - 904.355.2787

Florida Theatre
128 East Forsyth Street, Suite 300
Jacksonville, Florida 32202.

Check out the Theater Website

Or Joan's Website:

In the meantime, here are some vintage clips of Joan from the Reagan Era!