Notes from the 48 Hour Film Festival 2010 Awards!

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MetroJacksonville Operative Monique McKellop, who is also assisting in the production of "From The Pits" not only participated in the 48 hour film festival, she also covered the awards ceremony for us. Join us as she explores the world of underground film at the Historic Florida Theater.

Let me begin by saying I am somewhat biased as my 48hr film was nominated for two awards this year. But my bias is is limited to merely being a nominees’ for alas, we did not win any awards.

Just like our Hollywood counterparts, we started fashionably late at 7:15 with Mac McDonald giving props to all the nominated teams. The idea of nominations for each category was new this year. I understand the idea because it spreads the love around to many more teams, 14 of the 41, and also boosts attendance to the awards show. Every attendee was needed as the award show tickets were $20; and this is after $15 per night of 48hr film premiers, of which there were 3. That is my only complaint regarding the whole process. But on with the evening’s event

Wishing Well from Marc Boese on Vimeo.

The first winner, Best Friend’s “Wishing Well,” received boisterous applause. This seemed to taper off throughout the evening except from where the winning team’s posse was seated. After each category’s nominees were announced short clips from those films were shown, a la the Academy Awards. This was a fantastic idea that allowed everyone a chuckle or shudder to associate with the nominee. Unfortunately the 48hr films have a 7 minute time limit and many of the repeat nominees showed the same two clips over and over again. I was absolutely over watching ‘the Jack Sparrow character pull a glass of wine from a grip’s hand’ clip.

“Smooth Move” of AIJax Black Fire and “Wishing Well” of Marc Boese’s Best Friends took home most of the coveted awards including Best Actress, Actor, Writing, Directing, Student Film, Audience Choice Group C, Runner Up and Best of Jacksonville.

Every winner was given the opportunity to say something to the audience and, thankfully, most every one kept it to a minimum. I think they collectively realize that people don’t want to hear countless thank yous and words of wisdom gleaned from the unique trials in making a film in 48 hours. The short speeches were a relief and could even have made one think, “Jacksonville filmmakers are not full of themselves.”

The truth? Meh...don’t you have to be just a little full of yourself in filmmaking?

Here are all the Winners!

Best Use of Character
"Wishing Well" by Best Friends

Best Use of Prop
"Look at the Bright Side" by Argyle Forest Films

Best Use of Line of Dialogue
"Bonnie's Wake" by AiJax Red Planet

Best Use of Genre
"Bonnie's Wake" by AiJax Red Planet

Best Student Film 2010:
"Smooth Move" by AiJax Black Fire

Best Sound/Audio Mixing:
Marc Boese for "Wishing Well"

Make-Up/Special Effects Make-Up
Tyler Falbo & Eric Vega for "The Hunter"

Best Costumes
Curtis Lyles for "Wishing Well"

Best Special Effects
Douglas Dorsey & Patrick Nealis for "Knights & Squires"

Best Graphics
Stephen Aymond for "Smooth Move"

Best Sound Design
Tyler Falbo, Eric Vega, Shane Moyer & David Southall for "The Hunter"

Best Musical Score
Rick Colado for "Wishing Well"

Best Cinematography
Issac Brown for "Bonnie's Wake"

Best Editing
Issac Brown & Steph Borklund for "Bonnie's Wake"

Best Actress
Courtney Gardner for "Smooth Move"

Best Actor
Rick Colado for "Wishing Well"

Best Ensemble Acting
Courtney Gardner, Anthony Paderewski, Tyler Scholes & Ashleigh Scott for "Smooth Move"

Best Writing
Ben Cooper for "Wishing Well"

Best Directing
Marc Boese for "Wishing Well"

Runner Up for Best Film
"Wishing Well" by Best Friends

Best Film
"Smooth Move" by AiJax Black Fire

Audience Awards for the Jacksonville 48HFP

Audience Award Winner: Group A
"The Hunter" by Subliminal Seahorse Productions

Audience Award Winner: Group B
"T.U.D.O.C." by Mugwump Moving Pictures

Audience Award Winner: Group C
"Wishing Well" by Best Friends

article by Monique Alexandra McKellop

Monique McKellop is a graduate of FSU and a committed cinephile working on indie film projects throughout the Jacksonville area.