Glorious Announcement!

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One of Jacksonville's most unorthodox public figures and politicians announced today that she will be a candidate for Mayor. Glorious Johnson spoke today at the Supervisor of Elections office, and MetroJacksonville has the text of her speech.

     Good morning and thank all of you for coming to the announcement of my candidacy for Mayor of Jacksonville. We are here today with a focus, perhaps, as never before, on our city - Jacksonville.  A focus that commits us to a unity of purpose and vision, to the establishment of the economic and cultural core of this great city.

      Reconnecting to our history finds our pathway to the future.  The people of Jacksonville have the potential to build one of the finest cities in this country. I will be the leader that helps YOU implement this.  

      Jacksonville is blessed with a distinctive blend of peoples and communities. It provides us with a unique wealth of energy, talent, creativity, resourcefulness and diversity.  We need to be inclusive and allow the many traditions of our different cultures enrich us.  Our diversity is the plentiful source and supply for our future prosperity. We must put this diversity to work for our benefit.

      Jacksonville is in desperate need of a mayor who believes in and listens to people and communities. We need a mayor who unites and brings the people together.  A mayor must lead, but true leaders do so in an inclusive way --- bringing the community with them and leaving no one behind. That Mayor is me.

Today, I declare my candidacy for mayor representing ALL people of Jacksonville - poor or rich, old or young, employed or unemployed, black or white, men or women, privileged or those without …. EVERYONE!  

      My leadership is inclusive – I seek the skills and promote the aspirations and inspirations of others. I want to be defined by what I stand for, not for what I stand against. I will demonstrate and maintain my leadership by having a clear vision and goals for Jacksonville shaped by seeking and listening to your input - and by running an OPEN, TRANSPARENT, and ETHICAL government of and by the people. Government under my leadership will be ACCOUNTABLE.

      My major concern begins with JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!    It will take all of us working together for the prosperity of our city and our people. There are better ways to implement strong community economic growth throughout this city than what has been tried and failed.  I will implement inclusive opportunities to help and support our youth into training and jobs.  I will develop stronger links to more resources for our business community.  

      The next concern is PUBLIC SAFETY.  Our communities must be SAFE places for our families to live, work, play, and worship.  This includes personal responsibility, highlighting our pride in where we live, work, play and worship.  We say “NO” to criminal behavior, “NO” to drugs, and “NO” to gangs, which have become such a drain on the health of our communities, our economy, our emotions, and our families.  I join you in thanking the JSO for focusing on the streets as we work towards a common goal of safety in our neighborhoods.   All our communities need to come together as part of a single city. The challenge before us is to make Jacksonville and the surrounding counties, united, working together as never before.

      Another issue that deserves attention is EDUCATION, which is related to Public Safety. We need to empower our young people, giving them hope and dreams, and to build for them a platform from which to excel and an environment that encourages them through high expectations of accomplishment and not a pathway to crime.  Jacksonville must be a center of educational excellence.  We cannot afford to leave our young behind.

      As the Mayor of Jacksonville, we will build a coalition of people who are committed in the community and in their business. It is time to fire up, organize, to go to work.  We have a great opportunity to unleash your talents and skills and those of our young and elderly. Join me in changing the attitudes of "I" and "Me" to "Us" and "We."

Reaching out to all of the citizens of Jacksonville.

Reaching out to our young people, firing their imaginations as we inspire their dreams and their hope

and give them the skills to achieve them.

Reaching out to our seniors, tapping their life experiences and assuring them of a secure future.

Reaching out to our military honoring the men and women whose service to our country, our State and our City helped us to be safe and free.  

As the Mayor of Jacksonville, I would be humbled and proud to lead this city at this tremendously important time.

Thank you,

Councilwoman Glorious Johnson

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