Dare Tabloid Reprint, November 1991

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This is a reprint of the November 1991 Dare Tabloid, a vaguely monthly review and issues magazine about Jacksonville from the late 80s to the early 90s. In it are contained reviews of old theater shows, the full panorama of the nightclub scene, local issues and politicians and satirical essays. The November 1991 Issue was built around misadventures in the nightclubs of Gainesville, St. Augustine, Jacksonville and Tallahassee, and documents pretty much the entire party circuit of the era for North Florida. The Main Article is concerned with National Politics, and the entire issue features the work of Tom Hager, the celebrated photographer and owner of the Jane Gray Gallery in the present time. This issue featured two of Dare's most notorious graphics, The Attack of the Helmet Heads, which was made into a full glossy poster, and the first official Dare Poll.

This Issue features the work that made Tom Hager famous, his nudes.

There are a few nude photos included in this 20 year old issue of Dare Tabloid, so if you get in trouble at work for that sort of thing.....

Front Cover Flap

Inside Front Cover Flap

Front Cover

Inside Front Cover

Page 1,  Table of Contents

Page 2,  Letter from the Editor

Page 3,  Landscape.  

Page 4,  Landscape.  Dare Responds

Page 5,  Landscape.  Four Horsemen

Page 6,  Landscape.  Cellblock Jacksonville

Page 7,  Mirror.

Page 8,  Mirror.  New Imperialism

Page 9,  Mirror.  New Imperialism

Page 10,  Mirror.  New Imperialism

Page 11,  Mirror.  New Imperialism

Page 12,  Mirror.  New Imperialism

Page 13,  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash

Page 14,  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash

Page 15,  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash

Page 16,  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash

Page 17,  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash

Page 18,  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash

Page 19,  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash

Page 20,  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash

Page 21,  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash

Page 22,  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash

Page 23,  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash

Page 24,  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash, Love Children of the Young and Inexperienced

Page 25,  Attack of the Helmet Heads

Page 26,  Acquisitions

Page 27,  Makeup vs Side of Town

Page 28,  Acquisitions

Page 29,  Art Critics.

Page 30,  Art Critics.  Tom Hager

Page 31,  Art Critics.  Hunters and Gatherers

Page 32,  Art Critics.  UNF Gallery

Page 33,  Art Critics.  

Page 34,  Art Critics.  Meanwhile from the JSO

Page 35,  Art Critics.  My Own Private Idaho

Page 36,  Art Critics.  Rein Sanction

Page 37,  Art Critics.  Pox Upon The Pixies

Page 38,  Art Critics.

Page 39,  Dominant Submissions.

Page 40,  Dominant Submissions. Dance of the Fireflies

Page 41,  Dominant Submissions. Alvah Allen

Page 42,  Dominant Submissions. Jason SexSmith

Page 43,  Dominant Submissions. City of Paint by Tonia Howick

Page 44,  Subversive Report.  Dare Reader's Poll.

Inside Back Cover

Back Cover

Scans and graphic work by Janice Price and Stephen Dare