Dare Tabloid Reprint, February 1991

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This is a reprint of the February 1991 Dare Tabloid, a vaguely monthly review and issues magazine about Jacksonville from the late 80s to the early 90s. In it are contained reviews of old theater shows, the full panorama of the nightclub scene, local issues and politicians and satirical essays. The February 1991 Issue was built around misadventures with an abnormally large group of neo nazis and skinheads which had formed in town, the ongoing controversy over the use of Tommy Hazouri's toupe as a mayoral campaign issue and how much livestock did it take before the area's finest hotels would cancel a reservation.

Magazine Cover

Ad for Shades Nightclub

Contributors Page

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editor.

Page 3.  Landscape Section

page 4.  Landscape Section, Tommy Hazouri, Ron Little Page and Betty Holzendorff

page 5.  Landscape Section, Radical Geezers For Peace

Page 6.  Mirror Section, Looking Towards the Future

Page 7.  Mirror Section

Page 9.  Mirror Section, I was a Teenage Nazi!

Page 10, Mirror Section, I Was a Teenage Nazi!

Page 11, Mirror Section, I Was a Teenage Nazi!

Page 12.  Mirror Section, I Was a Teenage Nazi!

Page 13.  Mirror Section, I Was a Teenage Nazi!

Page 14.  Love Children of the Young and Inexperienced

Page 15.  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash

Page 16.  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash, Pick Bartenders

Page 17.  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash, How Much Livestock Does It Take?

Page 18.  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash.  Dare Pool.

Page 19.  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash.  Club Ratings

Page 20.  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash.  Calender part 1

Page 21.  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash.  Calender part 2

Page 22.  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash.  Arson Suspect Toteboard

Page 23.  Crash Trash and Weekend Bash.  Scamquations

Page 24.  Parapsychology Report

Page 25.  Eminent Art Critics Revue

Page 26.  Eminent Art Critics Revue, The Way We Live Now

Page 27.  Eminent Art Critics Revue, Dancing In Drag

Page 28.  Eminent Art Critics Revue, Eleemosynary

Page 29.  Eminent Art Critics Revue, Streetcar Named Desire, Michael Emerson

Page 30.  Eminent Art Critics Revue, Contemporary Magnetic Arvid Smith

Page 31.  Eminent Art Critics Revue, The Grifters

Page 32.  Eminent Art Critics Revue, Meanwhile.....from the JSO

Page 33.  Eminent Art Critics Revue, Douglas Anderson Extravaganza

Page 34.  Eminent Art Critics Revue, Sculptors

Page 35.  Dominant Submissions.

Page 36.  Dominant Submissions.

Page 37.  Dominant Submissions.

Page 38.  Dominant Submissions.

Page 39.  Dominant Submissions.

Page 40.  The Subversive Report

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Back Cover

Scans and graphics by Janice Price and Stephen Dare