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Daily Record Publisher, Jim Bailey, Announces Candidacy

Today, the campaign becomes official as Jim Bailey, third generation publisher of the Daily Record announces his candidacy for Mayor. Considered by many to be one of the early front runners, Bailey is a longtime advocate of Downtown.

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MetroJacksonville was present for the official announcement at the Supervisor of Elections Office today at 1pm.

In prepared remarks provided by the campaign, Baileys emphasis appears to center on the economy, education, and expanding the international vision of the city's business efforts.

Saying Jacksonville “needs a Mayor who will make things happen and give us confidence in the future,” small business owner and Republican Jim Bailey officially entered the 2011 Mayor’s race today by filing as a candidate with the Supervisor of Elections.

“This campaign is about leadership, he said.”  “There’s no reason we can’t build the most competitive American city in the 21st century,”  

Owner of Bailey Publishing & Communications, Bailey said in today's news conference that as Mayor he will “bring this city together with a common purpose and a united passion to build the Jacksonville we all want.”

Bailey said his campaign will focus on the economy and jobs, while creating “a Jacksonville so great that our children and grandchildren will not want to—or have to—live any where else.”

Over 10,000 children are currently enrolled in Duval County kindergartens, Bailey said.  “Who will provide the leadership so that as young adults these children will have jobs and an opportunity for a good life, right here?’

Bailey said, “A Mayor has no higher responsibility than creating jobs and attracting investments.  We must have a growing economy where our people have good jobs, our businesses are strong, and our investments are secure.”

We need more Fortune 500 firms “with deep pockets, and more small businesses with big ambitions to create jobs,” he said.

Looking to the future, Bailey said Jacksonville can’t put boundaries on its imagination and should embrace innovation. “Our thinking should be global. We must broaden our reach out to the world,” he said.

As Mayor, Bailey said he will work to bring the world to Jacksonville through the port; build a world class industrial complex at Cecil Commerce Center; expand Jacksonville’s health care services industry to become the medical center of the South; and create a smart city in partnership with a technology giant.

“This is how we can become competitive to create jobs and investments.

This is how we build now for our future.”



April 05, 2010, 01:13:18 PM
Nice update.


April 05, 2010, 03:26:49 PM

The press conference today was attended by a small gathering of the City's major media, including David Hunt from the times Union, David Chapman, Max Marbut from the Daily Record, Kevin Maerscraft from one of the local radio stations, and channel 4.

Bailey was joined by his very attractive wife Donna, Campaign Manager Joey Kelly, and political mastermind Mike Tolbert, cultural proponents John Allen Harrett and Devlin Mann (a frequent poster here at metrojacksonville)

After hearing his prepared statements, David Hunt asked Bailey what specifically he was going to do to create jobs, to which Jim replied with a brief description of his plan to expand the mission of the city to relocate industry to Jacksonville.  He emphasized a desire to work hard to partner with national technology companies of the same league as IBM or ATT, as well as picking up on the meme surrounding our Medical Industry and community here in Jacksonville.

David also asked whether or not the years that he has spent on the board of DVI and the Chamber of Commerce were informing his run for Mayor, to which Bailey responded emphatically in the affirmative.

"Look, I know how they work" he commented at one point.

Metrojacksonville asked what he would do to bring green jobs and industry to the city, to which he recapped his plan to bring jobs in general, but indicated a willingness to work for green industry.

Also, MetroJacksonville asked what steps he was going to take to insure that all communities, and all the interests of the city were involved in the process of running the government.

Bailey gently reminded the metrojacksonville reporter that he obviously is willing to bring in all kinds of people to bring input (relying on the fact that he has sat several times with the metrojacksonville group on various issues, dating back to 2006, before the editorial board had even firmed up yet---a point not lost).

After the obligatory question about how he was going to handle the coverage of his campaign in the pages of his newspaper, (hint:  Don't look for them to endorse any of the other candidates),

The press conference adjourned into a friendly little klatsch of people joshing around and dispersing.

Bailey has a real assett in his lovely, well travelled and supremely well spoken wife, Donna.

Donna Bailey is a gorgeous latina woman originally from Key West, and she took us aside to let us know that she is going to be working personally to help get him elected.  Of special interest for her was the question about unifying the city and bringing in all its voices.  She has apparently already begun canvassing for him on the southside and I believe within the Latin communities here in Jax.

We chatted for a few minutes about her recent trip to Curitiba Brazil.  Curitiba is widely considered a miracle of urban planning which has reinvented itself as a major modern city over the past few decades.  She spoke eloquently and intelligently on the subject----and to be honest, it was a pleasant surprise.

Jim's Campaign Manager Joey Kelly is no less lovely.

It was a very lovely spring afternoon, the type that demands mojitos and key lime pies.  Altogether not a bad way to announce a campaign.

CS Foltz

April 05, 2010, 03:33:05 PM
I look forward to his platfrom being put down in black and white! The more idea's we have, the better for the entire City!


April 05, 2010, 11:08:40 PM
I look forward to his platfrom being put down in black and white! The more idea's we have, the better for the entire City!

We will be publishing a lot with Bailey CS.  Hopefully you won't have to wait long.


April 06, 2010, 12:38:50 AM
And here is David's very solid article, via the TU.

Publisher and businessman Jim Bailey said jobs and economic development — with a focus on Jacksonville’s ports and growing a technology sector — are his chief concerns as he campaigns for mayor.

Bailey, a Republican, made his run official on Monday. Standing aside his wife, Donna, he fielded reporters’ questions after filing the requisite paperwork with Elections Supervisor Jerry Holland downtown for next year's election.

Bailey is the owner of Bailey Publishing, which produces the Financial News & Daily Record. He said his role with the newspaper will remain more of an advisory one as he makes campaigning his full-time job.

Throughout his speech Monday, Bailey made several references to former Mayor Jake Godbold, a city boss whose tireless and gritty demeanor helped transform the urban center. Bailey called Godbold the best cheerleader the city had when he held office in the 1980s, adding the time has come for new energy.

“There’s no reason we can’t be the most competitive city in the 21st Century,” Bailey said. “It’s going to take leadership and teamwork.”

Bailey talked about developing small businesses, but also reaching out to companies like IBM and AT&T to build Jacksonville into a technology hub. He also said the city needs to keep building its international profile for trade through the deepwater port system.

Bailey said his 35 years in business, along with connections to the local chamber of commerce and downtown improvement board, gives him an edge over his competitors.

Employment and economic opportunity was the goal of Bailey’s talking points on Monday. A father of six, he said he was concerned about ensuring there are enough good jobs years down the road to keep this year’s kindergartners from leaving Jacksonville when they finish high school.

Public safety is another concern that fits into economics. Bailey said if people don’t feel safe, companies won’t want to move to town.

His announcement is the first of several expected this week on the mayoral campaign trail. General Counsel Rick Mullaney and Councilwoman Glorious Johnson are also expected to file.

CS Foltz

April 06, 2010, 08:11:14 AM
Thanks for the heads up stephen! Maybe the MetroJax Forum could host all of the candidates  with questions that are pointed and direct...............that way we can compare answers/solutions/idea's? With the number of candidates that appear to coming out any information would be helpful


April 08, 2010, 02:01:17 PM
Of the 3 I read about this guy is my pick so far!! He is thinking out of the Jacksonville FL Duval County turtle box. Bout damn time. He is right about Godbold....the same could be said about Delaney....I'm worth 7 votes in Jacksonville. Bailey would get all seven if he was to stay on the agenda he is on. The 10,000 kindergarden this was a great line. Each one of those kids is a seed and he sees that, thats vision, Jim Bailey. Business is important. He wants to do business with the world and not just the cities down or up the street.
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