Daily Record Publisher, Jim Bailey, Announces Candidacy

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Today, the campaign becomes official as Jim Bailey, third generation publisher of the Daily Record announces his candidacy for Mayor. Considered by many to be one of the early front runners, Bailey is a longtime advocate of Downtown.

MetroJacksonville was present for the official announcement at the Supervisor of Elections Office today at 1pm.

In prepared remarks provided by the campaign, Baileys emphasis appears to center on the economy, education, and expanding the international vision of the city's business efforts.

Saying Jacksonville “needs a Mayor who will make things happen and give us confidence in the future,” small business owner and Republican Jim Bailey officially entered the 2011 Mayor’s race today by filing as a candidate with the Supervisor of Elections.

“This campaign is about leadership, he said.”  “There’s no reason we can’t build the most competitive American city in the 21st century,”  

Owner of Bailey Publishing & Communications, Bailey said in today's news conference that as Mayor he will “bring this city together with a common purpose and a united passion to build the Jacksonville we all want.”

Bailey said his campaign will focus on the economy and jobs, while creating “a Jacksonville so great that our children and grandchildren will not want to—or have to—live any where else.”

Over 10,000 children are currently enrolled in Duval County kindergartens, Bailey said.  “Who will provide the leadership so that as young adults these children will have jobs and an opportunity for a good life, right here?’

Bailey said, “A Mayor has no higher responsibility than creating jobs and attracting investments.  We must have a growing economy where our people have good jobs, our businesses are strong, and our investments are secure.”

We need more Fortune 500 firms “with deep pockets, and more small businesses with big ambitions to create jobs,” he said.

Looking to the future, Bailey said Jacksonville can’t put boundaries on its imagination and should embrace innovation. “Our thinking should be global. We must broaden our reach out to the world,” he said.

As Mayor, Bailey said he will work to bring the world to Jacksonville through the port; build a world class industrial complex at Cecil Commerce Center; expand Jacksonville’s health care services industry to become the medical center of the South; and create a smart city in partnership with a technology giant.

“This is how we can become competitive to create jobs and investments.

This is how we build now for our future.”