Sunbears scores Nickelodeon Track, New Order Tribute.

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Local musicians Jared Bowser and Jonathan Grant Berlin, the duo behind the brilliant band Sunbears are on the move. After returning from an opening act tour with their longtime friends and colleagues, Black Kids, the guys are finding surprising successes.

The Recent Tour.

Jared in a personal moment

Jared looking properly musical

Jonathan practicing mad genius look

In addition to being tapped to create one of the cover tracks on the upcoming New Order Tribute, Sunbears has been hired by Nickelodeon torecord a song for their hit show, YO GABBA GABBA.

The band is in the process of recording that now.
It's called "imagination adventure" and it will be set to animation in an episode on yo
gabba gabba
season three, (which is the upcoming season.)