Five Points Theater Sponsors "Works In Progress" Series

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The recently resuscitated Jacksonville Film Festival has an ambitious new direction and a fresh perspective on how best to foster film making in the city. Led by Nadia Ramoutar, (Chair of the Jacksonville Film Festival and Film Professor at the Art Institute of Jacksonville) and local trailblazers Brenda Egedy Kolb and Warren Skeels of TigerLily Media, the organization has set upon a course that hopes to build year round participation in the community as well as provide new opportunities for independent Film Makers. The Five Points Theater is cosponsoring a major part of this new agenda every month with a special screening and audience feed back series called "Works In Progress"

"Works In Progress" is an event at the Five Points Theater that has the possibility of turning into something important. One night a month (The third Thursday) new and indie film makers will be showing original films that are still in the process of being made. They will doing this for audiences which will then follow up the screening with discussions about the film itself and give advice and input.  

Just as importantly it will also provide a forum for people wanting to get into film a chance to meet each other, make new connections and set the ground for new work and collaborations..

Works in Progress is Sponsored at the theater by the Jacksonville Film Festival Commision, and Metrojacksonville had the pleasure of speaking to the Chair of the Festival, Nadia Ramoutar.

"One of the things that we found was needed in Jacksonville was a format for filmmakers to gain support an input into their process," Nadia told MetroJacksonville, "And this is a great way for them to bring their work into an environment that does that.  They will be able to show their work, and talk about choices and reactions in a live environment that allows them to develop it as they go along."

"The Audience itself will be an important part of this. There will be blind questionairres to fill out with lots of room for comments and feedback so that the film makers will have something to take away from the experience rather than just the typical 'i liked it' or 'i didnt  like it'---something that lets them understand what elements of their films are affecting the viewers."

"Because, you can edit it, and watch it during your own editing process, and you can play it to the cast and crew, but until a film makers has the experience of sitting in an audience and watching the actual film on a large screen, they really cannot understand how that dynamic works."

Five Points Theater hosted the first organizational meeting in late September to a pretty encouraging tournout

We think this is going to end up being an exciting, kind of year round experience, Nadia affirmed.

This month, the meeting will feature a live script reading for a work in production as well as a short film by a local filmmaker.

From the press release:

“Works in Progress” will include social and networking opportunities, an exploration of technical issues, plus a chance for local filmmakers to show parts of current progress for feedback from other professionals.

Events will generally focus on an artistic or technical theme.

The typical schedule will be:

6 pm to 7 pm – Happy Hour / Networking

7 pm to 7:45 – Program (either a lecture, or presentation, or panel discussion, etc.)

7:45 to 8:45 – Showing of works in progress with audience feedback

A $5 donation to the Jacksonville Film Festival is requested.

The 5 Points Theatre offers standard movie concessions, plus beer, wine, pizza, and homemade desserts.

Both Jack Shad and Peter Mosely from the Five Points Theater are enthusiastic about the project.'

“We’d like to make the 5 Points Theatre a center for independent filmmaking in Jacksonville.” Peter Mosely informed.

Jacksonville has a small but devoted group of indie film makers, and some of them are finally beginning to get notice.  This may very well be the perfect marriage of group and venue, and it will be a great opportunity for all those people who simply love the idea of making movies to finally get involved.

The Film Festival Commission is definitely on the right track with creating a year round agenda of film and video--- see upcoming film festivals and events like Viva Cinema.  Its awesome that the Five Points landmark is also such a great supporter of the effort.

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