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With characteristic modesty and good grace, Joey Marchy won Folio's reader poll on best local blog. Congratulations to a great job and a good guy. Illustrative of his character, Joey followed up with an article the next day with his own awards to the other blogs in the city. Joey has been advocating the urban core with nearly universal good will and positivity for almost five years now at and nobody deserves it more

Check out Joey's response and article on his site:

Here is an excerpt:

For the third year in a row Urban Jacksonville was nominated by Folio readers as Best Blog in Jacksonville. It’s an awesome honor and I’d like to thank everyone who voted. I’m also happy to be in the News and Media category. So long “Really Important Stuff” category.

While this is always a good time to reflect on what I’ve accomplished over the past year, what I’d like to do instead is highlight some of my favorite blogs. If I were on a desert island and could only bring 7 blogs with me, these are the ones.

Best Overall Blog: Metro Jacksonville
These guys are seriously killing it in all blogging categories. I always call Metro Jacksonville my blog brothers because we’ve helped each other grow so much over the years. They’ve even been called a model of what’s to come for citizen journalism by Alan Colmes, a nationally syndicated talk show host. I hope to see more audio and video from Metro Jacksonville in the months to come.

Joey, we here at feel the same way right back at you.  Your friendship and tireless effort to make the city a better place is as much fun as it is inspirational.  You keep it real.

Congrats man.

You deserve it, and a whole lot more besides.