April Hutchinson: Hedwig and the Angry Inch Review

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The Archduchess of Theatre, April Hutchinson, sits in on the Production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch at The Sinclair in Downtown Jacksonville. Its an edgy indie theater experience, and April fills us in on the details of the evening. GO SEE THIS SHOW.

Last Friday night, I pulled together some cash and that little gang of mine and headed down to the Sinclair to catch a blonde who knows how to put on a show.  I was thrilled to be seated at a table near the back, my handful of friends and my so bright–she-sparkles significant other (not a single Hedwig aficionado among them).  The stage was decked out so it equaled two parts style and function and one part, Hedwig’s dressing room.

(photo by Jennifer Browning)

  The band rocked out.  Aaron Marshall and Brennan Hamill were on point playing guts and glory on guitar and keyboards, respectively.  Drums proved a good fit in the ensemble, played masterfully by John Boote.  Ryan Turk provided the ever-important bass line with just the right amount of funk.

  Closing my eyes for a few seconds took away the visual and provided an intimate connection to the music. Josh Waller, performing the role of Hedwig, was vocally demanding.  His musical interpretation fell right in line with what we love about the original show and the film.  His movements were occasionally distracting and seemingly contrived.  He did not seem to be physically in touch with Hedwig.  This didn’t take much away from his performance, just ask my friend Ryan who apparently was so moved by the whole affair he literally had a toe tapping time of it. In my opinion, the quiet moments were when Josh Waller shined the brightest, convincing all of us that we were indeed in the company of a brilliantly scarred human attempting to put it all back together again.

The Talented Josh Waller in the Title Role of Hedwig (photo by Jennifer Browning)

  Josh sang the songs my table knew and loved and we loved him for that.  During Wicked Little Town I came to the conclusion that I could only say good things about this show, if for no other reason than this song was being delivered to me so beautifully.  I turned to glance at the bartender, he was singing quietly along, for most of the show, actually.  Ordering my drinks, he did not strike me as a theatre buff but he was clearly enjoying the music.  Perhaps we can attribute this to the fact that Josh and the band did a spot on job with the music of Hedwig.

(photos by Jennifer Browning)

  Fifteen dollars gets you admission and one free Wicked Little Cocktail, a fitting sake based beverage with a floating strawberry bopping to the tunes finished with a candy-coated rim.  The cast hangs around for a bit after the show so if striking up a dialogue is your thing, then you will love the casual approachability of this artistic endeavor.

  The music of Hedwig might be the best reason I can offer to entice you to attend.  The sounds of the evening will absolutely be worth your trip to West Forsyth.

This is your last chance.  Hedwig enters the final countdown this weekend, with one show remaining Saturday, October 10th, 9:30 PM.  Bring cash and enjoy your complimentary adult beverage.  

-April Hutchinson-