Petra's Rich Trendel Brings Nightlife Downtown!

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In downtown, at least one landowner seems to have gotten the right idea about creating street traffic, and excitement through density, and that is Chris Hionides' Petra Management Company. Directed by his dynamic son in law, Rich Trendel, Petra has made a landmark contribution to the nightlife of the downtown by supporting and helping to develop such entertainment based institutions as London Bridge for years, but in the past year Trendel seems to have found some momentum. Join us as we briefly examine the exciting new projects that Rich has landed and brought to the Downtown.

Despite being painted ghoulishly as the boogey man of Main Street by several urban advocates and pilloried in sinister tones as a result on the front page of Folio Weekly, (Coincidentally, Trendel's former employer---he sold ads for the weekly entertainment magazine) Chris Hionides is a significant player amongst the landowners of the urban core.

In the past two years, his investments, through the work of Trendel, have paid enormous dividends for the downtown.

Rich Trendel, Petra Management

Petra Management is the longtime landlord of downtown pub institution, The London Bridge. But it was also Petra that brokered the deal to bring Chamblin's Book Mine and Cafe to Hemming Park.

The streak didn't end there but continued on with the opening of Cafe 331 on Forsyth Street, followed quickly by the announcement that Club Ivy would be debuting on the Bay Street Corridor.

These were joined by Poppy Loves Smoke, in the same building as The London Bridge, and the momentum only seems to have gained with aggressive new moves on the young property manager's part with the announcement that after a decade of vacancy, the old Woolworth Building at the corner of Main and Forsyth would be reborn as the showplace for Perdue Office Furniture, and the near simultaneous news that a new bar would be opening on Forsyth across from The Florida Theater called Dos Gatos (two cats)----all Petra properties.

By developing these businesses quietly and with little fanfare, Trendel has done more than anyone to establish a walkable, entertainment based draw for the urban core and should be congratulated for his work and commitment to filling the buildings of the family's downtown empire.

They are presently looking to develop another small club at the Holmes Building near the Ivy.

And how has Trendel managed to succeed with commercial leasing in this economy?

Through working with the various ownership groups and patiently helping to develop the downtown vibe.

Lets hope this is just the beginning.

Downtown could use 3 or 4 more landowners like this.

A brief look at businesses now occupying Petra properties:

1. Poppy Loves Smoke - Adams Street

2. Dos Gatos, currently under construction on Forsyth Street

3. London Bridge - A mainstay at the corner of Ocean and Adams Street

4. Perdue Office Interior - currently under construction on the corner of Main and Forsyth Streets.

5. The Ivy - Bay Street

6. Cafe 331 - Forsyth Street

Chamblin's Bookmine - Laura Street

Article by Stephen Dare