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MetroJacksonville music writer, Phillip Cardona introduces NYC musical group Holy Ghost. Awesome thoughtful danceable music that deserves wider play.

 “Hold on, I will come back”

Holy Ghost! Is a musical duo from Brooklyn, New York.

Their musical output thus far includes remixes of Moby, MGMT, Cut Copy, Michael Jackson and discoesque version of Phoenix's recent hit “lisztomania”.

Their remix style alters the original indie rock hit into a more dance style song ready for a dance club.  It’s a perfect remix of a well known song that isn’t radically different from the original,---the vocals aren’t altered however the music which consist of drums, guitar and bass is subsisted for an organic disco sound, compliments of Holy! Ghost.  

It could be said that 2009 has been quite the year of remixes for new and old dance oriented music, often giving a song that wouldn’t otherwise start a dance floor a chance to do so.

While many remix artists are great there are a handful that a lack a certain je ne sais quoi about their material, perhaps authenticity? Such is not that case for Holy Ghost!, while their Remixes are stellar; it is their original tracks which sets them apart from the rest, simply put.

In addition to great remixes, they create their own eighties influenced disco music, choosing to use live instrumentation in their home studio. They also utilize analog recording techniques, a noteworthy quality for a group creating dance music in today’s almost exclusive digital world.

The 2008 hit, “Hold on” is a perfect example of this quality, it begins with a drum fill and a drum beat followed by electronic hand claps and a synthesizer melody which all then become one as a guitar with heavy echo effects and a synth bass line come in to drive the song home.  The chorus which goes “And hold on, And hold tight” we’ll have you singing along. Their next original track, “I Will Come Back” which has a music video that pays homage to New Order's ‘Confusion’ video which was made in 1983 in New York is different from “Hold On”, but still leaves a lasting impression. It’s faster paced, and has a beautiful choir singing in the background which is actually the Brooklyn choir of music.

The Choir lends its talents to Holy Ghost! by providing background vocals throughout almost the entire song.

Like “Hold on”, this song is also driven by an analog synth melody, disco drum beats, and a layer of warm ‘natural’ sounding electronics. To say that ‘dance’ music today is exclusive to laptops or digital software is absolutely not true, Holy Ghost! is a perfect example of band that has an affinity for the past, yet manages to show off their musical roots in a modern way. Currently, they are in the process of making more original songs and working on setting up a tour that would bring all their analog equipment with them, choosing to play all the originals live, in true Holy! Ghost fashion.

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by Phillip Cardona