Jared Bowser, local musician (and pirate) In Playboy.

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Jared Bowser, who, with Jonathan Berlin, is the local band Sunbears is featured in this month's issue of Playboy Magazine on account of piracy. Well kind of. Jared, who deejays at Club Tsi (clubtsi.com) when not traveling with his on-the-verge band was a central player in the epic fail controversy surrounding his uploading of an advance copy of Ryan Adams unreleased album: "Jacksonville City Nights".

While Bowser is a self described fan of Ryan Adams, this didn't keep the fan base from massively downloading the album (at no charge) before Adams could release it to retail outlets first.

The resulting Lawsuit: The United States of America vs. Jared Bowser was a landmark ruling (against Jared) in digital and intellectual rights.

For his trouble, Bowser was confined to house arrest and left with fairly impressive attorney bills.

But that hasn't kept the talented vocalist from developing his work with Berlin in Sunbears.

Now that house arrest is over, it has to be easier to tour, which he did recently with Berlin and Clayto (his DJ Partner at Steamworks in Five Points and TSI downtown) as they traveled with Mates of State and Jacksonville's own Black Kids.

If his band hits the bigtime, its interesting that Jared's own intellectual property will be protected by the case that he lost.