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Midnight Movies at Five Points Theatre (and afterward)

After a period of chaos and changeover, Five Points in Riverside is finally getting its second wind. The nightlife possibilities are at least diverse enough to offer a full evening of fun, and a cornerstone of that is the re emergence of the Five Points Theater as a movie Venue! The love child project of Jack and Lori Shad (nee Rebman) the programming has begun to reflect the ironic and unique character of the neighborhood. This weekend, the midnight movie is Ghostbusters, with a guest appearance by the River City Ghostbusters. (more on that at a later date)

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After the show, join Alvah over at the Five Points Coffeehouse, featuring coffee dessert and smoking wifi until 3 am. (that's right, three in the morning)

Along the way, you can drop into Starlight (or Barfight as the local wags call it) for drinks and a potential fat lip, or Steamworks and join local Playboy centerfold Jared Bowser ( and Clayto as they spin indie all night.

Jared Bowser, left, of Sunbears.

In Five Points there are lots of local restaurants to choose from, and O'brothers Irish drinkatorium is always around the block.

And don't forget the Franklin Matthews Debut Opening at the resurrected Bogda Gallery at 6 tomorrow, Saturday Night.  They usually have nibbles and gallery wine at their shows!  (



June 05, 2009, 04:54:02 PM
5 Points Theatre · 1028 Park Street Jacksonville, Florida 32204
For Movie Information or Questions please call:
(904) 359-0047
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